To the Beach!

To celebrate the A-Team's graduation from preschool, we headed to Pensacola Beach! It was a long drive but definitely worth it. Our kids have never seen a real beach and I'm pretty sure that we'll never go another summer without a trip there. They loved it!

Of course no road trip is complete without a timeout in Chick-fil-a.

Our awesome driver

We made it to the border!

Yep - we're tourists.

One of our fave restaurants was Crabs. It has this great play place so we could eat while the kids played!

First dip in the ocean.

Burying Austin.

John's parents joined us for the first half of our trip so we went to a nicer restaurant. The kids liked putting on their "fancy" clothes.

Love this pic!

We had to call 911 to help a little guy who had cut himself on the rocks. Even though it wasn't fun calling 911, Weston thought the firetruck was the coolest!

It's nice to see that some things don't change. The trash truck in Florida is just as cool as home!

We drove around Fort Pickens and tried to teach the kids some history. Their interest lasted about 30 minutes so at least there were cannons to play on.

Back to the beach for some more sun and sand!

Too bad this girl was born with no personality!

While we were there, a Spanish naval ship came in for a celebration. It was pretty cool.

We also got to watch the Blue Angels practice. Now that is cool!!

Our beach was residential so never crowded. And it's beautiful! 

John took Austin out to a sandbar one morning and freaked when I started yelling shark. Good thing it was just a little family of dolphins out for a swim!

We cannot wait to go back next year!


Last Day of School!

Today is the last day of preschool before summer starts.

Mrs. Reck's class

Mrs. Love's class

Austin and Mrs. Love. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher for Austin!

Addie and Kate

Addie and Mrs. Reck. What a kind, loving teacher. Addie is definitely going to miss her!

See you later alligator!