Iphone Randoms!

Playing in the mud is fun! 

Trusted old Sadie the Suburban broke down on the way to school...and I forgot my phone...and had to hoof it back to our house with 4 kids in tow. Thank goodness Uncle Jason was able to come rescue us!

Brotherly love

But I'm not tired!

Captain America


Addie doesn't always stand by cardboard cutouts at Walmart...but when she does, she's wearing cat ears.

Crazy hair!

Addie giving Grayson tips on peeing in the potty

Painting our nails

Hey Mommy. Take our picture! 

Chilling on his lounge dog

A boy and his dog

Future gymnast in the making!


Once again, lounging with Piper


Pool Party

To celebrate the last day of school, Michelle hosted a pool party at her house.

The kids had a blast swimming together and the moms were actually able to hang out and relax. Great way to celebrate the end of school!


Movie Screening

I was so excited when I saw one of my college friends and her boyfriend were coming to Dallas to promote his movie "It's Not You, It's Me." It's was so fun to be able to catch up with Nicole and meet Nathan.

Me, Nicole and Lisa

Lisa and I with the amazing writer/director, Nathan


Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from the crazies! 

Gray decided his America sunglasses were not cool enough and opted for Spiderman instead.

We tried to go to the pool with our friends but were quickly torrential rained out. So we headed back to our house for pizza instead!


Playing in HV

Our friends, the Burrows, moved to Flower Mound so we don't get to see them nearly as often as we want to. But it's fun for us to go see them whenever we head out to John's parents' house.

It took our kids about 2 seconds to destroy this room.

Future boyfriend and girlfriend?

All of the kiddos!


MOPS Family Fun Night

Tonight is MOPS Family Fun Night. We can register for the next year, let the kids eat snow cones and hot dogs and play in the water.

For some reason, Addie was the only one that would let me take her pic.

Afterwards, the MOPS mamas went out for some girl time. Looking forward to the next year of MOPS!


Addie's End of Soccer Party

Tonight we celebrate the end of the Lil Firecracker's season. Since Austin's party was so fun at Urban Air, we headed back there.

The girls had a lot of fun bouncing around and eating pizza and cake!