Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from my little valentines! We hope you enjoy this day of love! 


Valentine's Party!

Sonshine Academy had their Valentine's Day party today. One of the best parts of being a SAHM is being able to go to these parties! 

Addie with her jewel. 

Austin and his Capri Sun


Valentine's bingo

Frosting face!


Happy Birthday A-Team!

Happy happy happy birthday my four year olds!!! I know I say this every year but where in the world has the time gone?!?

To start off the day right, you had birthday muffins! I think you are both very, very excited to be four because that brings you one step closer to five (the age that I said no longer napping is acceptable). 

This picture is pretty typical. It captured the essence of "you" perfectly! Addie is decked in her girlie gear and Austin is being all boy.

Austin, your mind amazes me. You ask so many questions about what and why and seem to soak up the world around you. You have a huge, contagious smile and like making people laugh. I love that heart! You are extremely rough and tumble and like to wrestle but if there is a baby around, you are sweetly tickling their feet. You can be the kindest, most thoughtful little man but on the flip side, you have a defiant streak that may be the death of me! But I love you anyway!

Addison, you have assumed your role as family princess 110%. You are in a phase of always wearing a headband, dress and jewelry that may or may not match. You have an incredible imagination that amazes me. You like to play restaurant and will pretend to make me one of your three specialties (chicken nuggets, milkshake or pizza). You are so sweet to those around you. But you have started displaying a stubborn side more and more often. Word of advice - I'll always out stubborn you - I've been at it for over 30 years!

We went to Blue Goose for dinner to celebrate - their fave restaurant. Then we followed it up with cake at home.

We love you Austin and Addie and so excited to see what the 4s bring us!



Today we decided to load up and head to Arbuckle Wilderness in Oklahoma. I thought it was about 2 hours away but of course took us much, much longer. When we arrived, there was a closed sign on the door. Apparently it was too cold for the animals. I had a very brief moment similar to National Lampoon's Vacation. Had there been a moose, I might have punched him. 

But we decided to stay in the area and play for a bit since there was snow everywhere. Note to self - if you are going on random road trips, always keep gloves and hats for the kids in the car! At least we had their jackets! 

We stopped by Sulphur Springs to check them out.

We also went on a little hike. I can't wait for this summer. I hope we'll be able to take the kids hiking somewhere!

We played around a lot and then decided it was too late for us to drive home. So we found a hotel and spent the night. It was such a fun family vacation!



Yay for snow! Finally we get some snow - not ice, just fun, fluffy snow! 

The dogs thought it was fun to play in. 

The boys really liked it!

This cutie warmed up with some hot chocolate.



Today were were supposed to close on our fabulous house. However, a stupid rodent had other ideas. Recently, they started building behind our house and it pushed some mice in looking for water. So they ate some pipes, caused some leaks and damaged our home. So we're still in waiting mode!


Walk Through

Today we did a walkthrough of our house. We are finally getting closer and they are targeting a close date of January 31st. 

We are definitely getting excited about calling this place home!