Grayson Vs. The Side Table

Grayson decided his forehead should take on one of our side tables. Based on the gash on his head, I think the table won.

He didn't cry much but I am glad we took him to urgent care. This kid was all smiles when we got there and very excited to show off his cut to anyone that wanted to look.

He was really excited when they gave him a popsicle while we waited.

The doctor ended up doing stitches and glue. The anesthesia didn't totally take effect at first so Gray had a rough time when she hit a certain part. But there was an awesome fireman/nurse that talked to him the entire time and tried to get his mind off of it.

Plus, he brought Gray a Leo the Lion which G LOVED. And as we were leaving, he told the fireman in his sweetest little voice "Thank you for fixing my head." That kid makes my heart melt sometimes!


Headed to the "Beach"

There is a beach at the lake in Little Elm. We headed there with some people in our life group. The kids had a blast playing in the sand and making sand castles. 


Discovery Science Center

Frisco has a cool Discovery Center where the kids can play, learn science principles and build things. Our kids have been before and had a lot of fun! 

This thing was cool - a flash of light imprinted your shadow onto the wall. 

Bubbles are always a crowd favorite. Especially when they are huge!

Hanging out in the biohazard suit

Our kids love the Lego table. It's fun to watch their imaginations at work.

Weston had a lot of fun with the earthquake table. We built different things with blocks and then you hit a button to shake the table and knock it all down!

Our kids really liked this part. Giant foam blocks!

They had a little lesson on the water cycle and made bracelets to remind them about it too.


Girl's Dinner

My sweet group of fellow preschool mamas decided to have a date night with our girls. I don't think our waiter really appreciated all of the preschool kids but we had a lot of fun with these cuties!


Iphone Randoms!

Playing in the mud is fun! 

Trusted old Sadie the Suburban broke down on the way to school...and I forgot my phone...and had to hoof it back to our house with 4 kids in tow. Thank goodness Uncle Jason was able to come rescue us!

Brotherly love

But I'm not tired!

Captain America


Addie doesn't always stand by cardboard cutouts at Walmart...but when she does, she's wearing cat ears.

Crazy hair!

Addie giving Grayson tips on peeing in the potty

Painting our nails

Hey Mommy. Take our picture! 

Chilling on his lounge dog

A boy and his dog

Future gymnast in the making!


Once again, lounging with Piper


Pool Party

To celebrate the last day of school, Michelle hosted a pool party at her house.

The kids had a blast swimming together and the moms were actually able to hang out and relax. Great way to celebrate the end of school!


Last Day of School

Today is a day that I look forward to and dread all at the same time. It will be nice not to make lunches or get them places on time. But, I am going to miss those 10 hours of freedom that I had each week!

It's amazing how different they all look from the first day to the last day. I feel like they have grown up so much!

Addie's class had some fun games like a dress up relay and "Let It Go" dance party.

Austin has had so much with Mrs. Williams as his teacher. He is going to miss her!