John and I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We have 2 healthy twins on the way, great families, good jobs and a new niece, Norah! And of course, I personally am thankful for the best turkey leg I've ever had in my life. The twins requested turkey legs this year so I had to oblige.

Jackson and Stellar definitely had their fill of turkey as well. I think the tryptophan hit them hard!!


Norah Joy

The West Clan welcomed Norah Joy on November 25th at 1:41 pm. She weighed 7 lbs, 13 oz and was 20" long. Sommer and Corey are doing well and big brother Liam is a great helper!


Marcus Marauders!

This past weekend I took a step back in time to when John was a Marcus Marauder football player. We went to their playoff game at Cowboy Stadium. Even though they lost, it was a lot of fun watching a high school game - so much different than college or NFL! Plus Cowboy Stadium is incredible - almost worth the price of $10 nachos (which Austin and Addison HAD to have) and a $6 Dr. Pepper. John spent a lot of time playing with Wyatt and Rett but had some time to catch the game as well.

Austin and Addison had fun at the game too. During halftime, they were going crazy while listening to the band! Can't wait to take them to their first football game next year!


Small Joys

As I sit at home with my wonderful, beautiful, pregnant wife, I am reminded to enjoy the little things in life...

Kristin ~ "You know what I love about being pregnant?"
John ~ "What honey?"
Kristin ~ "When I am eating, if food falls out of my mouth, it bounces off my belly and right back onto the plate!"


Austin and Addie's Latest Photoshoot

Sonograms are always fun - I love watching the twins grow!! Right now, both Austin and Addison weigh 1 pound 10 ounces. Dr. Gore said that their hearts, brains, lungs and kidneys look fabulous!! Everytime he put the transducer on my stomach, Addison tried to punch/kick it off. We watched the twins play footsie with each other as well. Here is a picture of their feet:

Addison's face:

Austin's Face:


Dallas Shower

This week was my Dallas baby shower. My friends Christine, Christi and Tammy threw a great shower! They had yummy food (yay for cream cheese pastries!), Christi's homemade sparkling grape juice :0) and fabulous cakes. I am so glad that so many of my friends were able to make it. So excited that my mom was even able to make it to Dallas as well.

Because of all of the great gifts, I feel like John and I are so much more prepared for Austin and Addison's arrival! We are so blessed!

I am also excited that our friend Alison (Ireland traveling buddy) was able to come to the shower. She's expecting twin boys at the end of December. I can't wait for Austin and Addie to meet Angus and Wally (not their real names but if Ali and Jim don't decide on real names, these just might stick!)


Baby CPR Classes....Check!!!

John and I have been taking baby preparation classes, including Baby Care (thank goodness they showed me how to change a diaper!!), Baby CPR and breastfeeding. These are definitely not the most exciting of classes to take but at least I had John to keep me entertained. Above is the picture of him "saving" our baby. He followed protocol by checking to make sure the "scene was safe" and telling me to "go get help!"

Luckily we survived the class, as did our baby!


Round Rock Shower

My favorite friend, JaNae Dunaway, hosted a shower for me and the twins in Round Rock. JaNae is preggo with Addison's future BFF and Austin's potential wife. I had a great time seeing people that I haven't seen in a while! Austin and Addison received some great presents!

All the pregnant gals at the shower: JaNae (due in April), me, Leah (due in January) and Sommer (due next week!!)



Since I'm now in the 3rd trimester, I figure it's time to start a blog! A little background - John and I have been married for 2 years and bought our first house this year. We have two awesome dogs - Jackson and Stellar. Our sweet dogs are coming to terms with the fact that they are not going to be the most loved kids in the house come February. John and I are expecting twins, Austin and Addison! We can't wait for their arrival!