Dallas Shower

This week was my Dallas baby shower. My friends Christine, Christi and Tammy threw a great shower! They had yummy food (yay for cream cheese pastries!), Christi's homemade sparkling grape juice :0) and fabulous cakes. I am so glad that so many of my friends were able to make it. So excited that my mom was even able to make it to Dallas as well.

Because of all of the great gifts, I feel like John and I are so much more prepared for Austin and Addison's arrival! We are so blessed!

I am also excited that our friend Alison (Ireland traveling buddy) was able to come to the shower. She's expecting twin boys at the end of December. I can't wait for Austin and Addie to meet Angus and Wally (not their real names but if Ali and Jim don't decide on real names, these just might stick!)