New Year's Eve 2009

This New Year's celebration was a little different from the past 3 years. Normally John and I head down to Greg's ranch and celebrate with the Trymeeuwsens and Mulcaheys. It always involves a bonfire, tank wars and enough firecrackers to have our own show! This year, we spent a tame New Year's with JaNae and Kevin and Stephanie, JaNae's sister. JaNae and I are both preggo so we were fighting to stay awake until midnight to watch the ball drop!

John and Kevin spent most of night outside by the fire. Who knows what they spent the night talking about but we definitely heard some giggling!!

After a dinner of La Margarita and sparkling cider, the pregnant lady heartburn was out in full force. Thank God for Tums!!


West Family Christmas

John and I got to spend some quality time with the Wests. We did a late Christmas since we had a wedding to go to on January 2nd. We got to hang out with Corey, Sommer, Liam and little Norah as well!

Here's Liam hanging out in one of his new Christmas presents!

Liam didn't quite understand this Christmas present so Uncle John had no problems showing him how it works!

After 5 days hanging out at the West house, the dogs are definitely tired!


Baby Update

Today was our 31 and a half week visit. Everything looks really good still! Dr. M said that I'm measuring at 36 weeks (which is good considering there are 2 in there). Addie's heartbeat is 157 and Austin's is 160. Going strong! Dr. M also said that we can head down to Round Rock this weekend. Yay for a late West Christmas and Taryn and Matt's wedding! We're excited!


Our First Christmas at Home

This year, John and I spent Christmas day at our house. It was so nice waking up to a winter wonderland! This is my first Christmas to not spend with my parents. It was definitely different but since we are headed to Round Rock for New Year's, we didn't want to travel 2 weekends in a row - especially with my pea-sized bladder. Makes for a long drive!!!

Even though I wasn't with my family, I still kept the West family traditions alive. First, the morning starts off with sticky buns and coffee. Since we have a food setting on our camera, we thought we'd put it to good use! They didn't turn out quite as perfect as my mom's but they were pretty darn close!

The second West family tradition is the watching of A Christmas Story. However, you can't DVR it or plan to sit down and watch it. Pretty much you just have to sit down, turn on TBS and pick up the movie wherever it's at! I think I successfully watched it twice this year, all in pieces. I'm pretty sure that movie will never ever get old!

The dogs did have a great time playing in the snow. Stellar kept losing his ball in the snow so Jackson was there to back him up in the search.

We did venture outside to go see Sherlock Holmes with John's parents. Great movie!! As soon as it was done, it was back home to put our jammies back on and watch movies by the fire. Although it was very different from all of my previous Christmases, I'm glad that I got to spend it with John in our home. It was very relaxing!


Rosenbaum Family Christmas Take 2

Every year, we celebrate Christmas with John's immediate family, as well as celebrate his brother, Jason's birthday. This year, the Lowrances cooked an amazing dinner and we finished it up with yummy cake!

Rett loved his cupcakes. I think he smeared most of the frosting on his face onto Linda's sleeve. Oh the joys of being a grandma!

Wyatt showed me and Rett his really cool rocket launcher while we waited to start opening presents. Not going to lie - this rocket launcher is awesome!! I'll have to buy one for Austin and Addison and just play with it until they are old enough!

Jason and Ashley bought the A-Team the cutest little shoes. It might not be cold enough in Texas for the sherpa lining but you better believe I'm making the babies wear them! We also got our Diaper Genie and Boppys. We are officially ready for the twins to arrive!


Rosenbaum Christmas Extravaganza 2009

Four years ago, I experienced my very first Rosenbaum Christmas. The tradition is that everyone gets together, eats too much, sings Christmas carols and listens to the Christmas story. Not going to lie, year 1 was pretty overwhelming as the Rosenbaums are a crazy bunch! Glad I'm part of the pack now. 4 years later, there have been a couple more children added to the pandemonium. This year was a lot of fun and I can't wait to add our twins to the mix next year!! Here are the kids waiting patiently to tear into their presents:

A pic of the Jack Rosenbaum branch of the family:

These are the brave (or crazy) women that have married the Rosenbaum men:

Grandmother with all of her grandkids and great grandkids!

And finally....Grandmother with her favorite Christmas present:


Elan Christmas Party 2009

I am very fortunate to work for a company that #1 - Still believes in Christmas parties and #2 - is comprised of a group of women that I consider friends, not just coworkers. Our Christmas party this year was at Jasper's and was a blast! This year, Secret Santa (aka Janine) brought me brown fuzzy slippers - a perfect gift!! Here's a pic of the group (minus Kim and Mike):

As a tribute to the very interesting neckerchief that Julia sported in the 80s (which all of us thought was hilarious), Julia bought us all pink bandanas with rhinestones. I don't think she realized that they would be such a hit and that we would all put them on!


29.5 Weeks and Counting...

Today we had a visit with Dr. Gore. Austin and Addison are growing well and look fabulous! Right now, Austin weighs 2 pounds 14 ounces and Addison is 2 pounds 8 ounces. They are both still head down and moving like crazy!! Here are some face pics - Addison is the top pic. She's not quite as smiley as Austin but oh well!

Since everything looks perfect so far, we don't go back to see Dr. Gore for another 4 weeks. Can't wait to see their next photo shoot!


So What If It's Cold....

There are certain things that a man MUST do. One of those things is grill. John, pulled by his male need to go burn some meat thought 40 degree weather was a good time to do it.

Luckily we have a great patio table that has a place to make a fire (thanks Mom and Dad!). That with some cider and a blanket kept me warm!


Introducing Noble the 3rd

This year, John was very excited to put Christmas lights onto our first house. Of course all of the lights had to be LED but it came out great! 

Since Austin and Addison suck all of my energy, I spent most of the light-hanging time working as a supervisor. The dogs helped out. :)

The finished product....

It will be fun spending our first Christmas in our house. For this Christmas, we opted for another Noble fir, hence Noble the 3rd!

This will be the last year that the dogs get their own stockings. Next year they will be replaced with stockings for Austin and Addie!

Sock Monkeys Gone Wild

Margaret, Lance, Randi and Ryan Rosenbaum gave Austin and Addison each a sock monkey. We caught the monkeys testing out the twin gear.

Playing in the carseats.....

Playing in the stroller....

and hanging in the pack n play...

Only 10 more weeks until Austin and Addison take over the gear from the sock monkeys!



I realize that when Texans get snow, it's nothing like what people up north get. However, snow that even sticks to the ground is a pretty big deal here!! I wasn't too excited that John chose to wake me up early on Wednesday, until I saw how pretty everything is covered in snow.

This might be the last of the snow we get for the year but I'll take it! It was fun for the 2 hours that it lasted!!!