Our First Christmas at Home

This year, John and I spent Christmas day at our house. It was so nice waking up to a winter wonderland! This is my first Christmas to not spend with my parents. It was definitely different but since we are headed to Round Rock for New Year's, we didn't want to travel 2 weekends in a row - especially with my pea-sized bladder. Makes for a long drive!!!

Even though I wasn't with my family, I still kept the West family traditions alive. First, the morning starts off with sticky buns and coffee. Since we have a food setting on our camera, we thought we'd put it to good use! They didn't turn out quite as perfect as my mom's but they were pretty darn close!

The second West family tradition is the watching of A Christmas Story. However, you can't DVR it or plan to sit down and watch it. Pretty much you just have to sit down, turn on TBS and pick up the movie wherever it's at! I think I successfully watched it twice this year, all in pieces. I'm pretty sure that movie will never ever get old!

The dogs did have a great time playing in the snow. Stellar kept losing his ball in the snow so Jackson was there to back him up in the search.

We did venture outside to go see Sherlock Holmes with John's parents. Great movie!! As soon as it was done, it was back home to put our jammies back on and watch movies by the fire. Although it was very different from all of my previous Christmases, I'm glad that I got to spend it with John in our home. It was very relaxing!