Hello There 2011!

I've never been sad when a year comes to an end. I usually look forward to the New Year and celebrating all that it holds! But this year I'm a little more emotional to say good-bye to 2010. 2010 was the amazing year when our sweet A-Team arrived into the world. This past year, I've watched A-Team milestones like first smiles, first teeth, first steps and yes, first massive diaper blowouts. This past year I've been more sleep deprived than I've ever been before but also more blessed than ever before. I've seen God's continued work in our lives. So yes, 2010 has been an incredible year. One of the best!! 2011 - you've got some pretty big shoes to fill but I know that we've got so much more to look forward to!

The A-Team didn't quite make it to midnight but they did have fun celebrating the Irish New Year (at 6:00).

And because I was feeling a little sappy, I did take a picture of their last meal of 2010.

Happy New Year!!!

Meeting Uncle Rich

Little did Austin and Addie know that they had a big treat in store for them on New Year's Eve. We went to the Londoner to meet one of my oldest friends. Rich and I have known each other since first grade and it was so great to be able to catch up with him and introduce him to the A-Team!

Addie was super excited to meet him:

Austin had a good time too:

Uncle Rich was so nice and brought Pillow Pets and piggy banks for the A-Team. Since receiving them, Austin and Addie have slept with their Pillow Pets every night!

Hanging out with Rich was a great way to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011!


A-Team's First Christmas

As a parent celebrating her children’s very first Christmas morning, I had some high expectations. I imagined that Austin and Addie would wake us up early with wonder in their eyes (because they know Santa has come to visit), eat sticky buns (a West tradition since 1986!) and proceed to open their stockings and presents. I could see pieces of wrapping paper flying with squeals of delight as they discovered the treasures inside. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we have 10 month olds, not 10 year olds. The twins woke up around 7:45 (which in their terms is not early), ate sticky buns and then pretty much went back to bed (thanks to a sugar crash). We had to wait until much later to open their presents and even then, they were a little more interested in eating the wrapping paper than actually playing with the toys inside.

The sticky buns went a little crazy in the oven this year but still tasted like a gift from God....

Austin partaking in another West tradition - the non-stop watching of A Christmas Story - my favorite movie!

Let the present unwrapping (or paper eating) begin!

Addison's thinking about how to tear the paper without dropping what's already in her hand.

Austin started to kind of understand how to tear the paper.

We went to visit my grandma in the nursing home and got to listen to some carolers. One of them was even kind enough to share his jingle bells with Addison. She prefered making noise with her keys.

We've found the perfect sign to keep around Austin and his non-stop drool.

Hanging out with their Great-Grandma Mary...

Our attempt at a family picture - looks like John is the only one that got the memo to look at the camera.

After opening presents, it was time for a Christmas feast! Addie loved everything that we put in front of her.

Austin learned a game that my mom taught me when I was little called Looky Looky. Others also know this game as See Food.

After their afternoon nap, Addie decided to go cruising with her Stride to Ride Dino. This toy is definitely a fan favorite!

Austin played with Scout - his new dog.

While in Round Rock, I got to go see my friend JaNae and her sweet baby Lilly Grace. Lilly got lots of fun toys for Christmas - all of which Austin and Addie wanted to play with! Lilly was the only one nice enough to smile for the camera.

I had to include these spaghetti pictures. Austin and Addie had a blast chowing down!

Austin and Addie had a great Christmas holiday and had so much fun spending time with friends and family!


The Great Hand Stitching of 2010

After the Rosenbaum/Lowrance Christmas Eve Breakfast, we ran home to drop off presents and pick up the dogs so we could hit the road to Round Rock. I was inside with the twins and heard a huge crash. Thinking John had run into something, I ran out to the garage. John was standing next to the Explorer with a shocked look on his face. I didn't notice his hand at first but then saw the blood. Apparently he forgot to put the car in park and it rolled back, trapping his hand between the door and the track of the garage door. Luckily, his parents were still pretty close to our house so they came and watched the twins while we headed to the emergency room....for 3.5 hours.

So we chose not to go to Baylor Frisco but instead went to an emergency room that we thought would be faster. It wasn't. John and I felt like we'd stepped into another world where people aren't really in a hurry and the doctor's skills might be a little questionable.

Here's a picture of John waiting for the doctor...

Thankfully, John didn't break any bones but did end up with some nasty cuts (I'll spare y'all from the picture that John took of his hand). 12 stitches, some odd bandanging and 3.5 hours later, we were finished there. It wasn't a fun experience (especially for John) but at least we could laugh about it as we walked out. And John's such a trooper...he still insisted that we drive to Round Rock so the twins could wake up at my parent's house for their first Christmas. Gotta love him!

A-Team's First Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning, we packed up the presents and headed to Jason and Ashley's house for Christmas Eve brunch (complete with beignets!) with John's immediate family. We all wore our jammies - including Austin and Addie. I even found slippers for their tiny little feet! John and I are working to make this a yearly tradition - "Rosenbaum/Lowrance Christmas Eve Breakfast." So far we have done this 2 out of the last 3 years.

Cousin Rett showing Austin and Addie everything outside....

The A-Team with cousins Wyatt and Rett...

Santa (aka Uncle Johnny) has arrived!

Wyatt is excited about presents. He knows that's he's been a good boy this year.

Addison really liked her presents but even more than that, she LOVED eating the wrapping paper.

Austin was trying to take a closer look at one of the cool "big boy" toys.

Taking a break from opening all of their presents.

Getting ready to jam with their cool new band toys (thanks Uncle Jason and Aunt Ashley!!) And yes...John's shirt says Bite Me. He is 31 but maybe still acts like a teenager. :)

Addie is loving Christmas!

John can't resist making out with himself when he ends up under mistletoe.


To the Bat Cave!!

There is no point to this post other than the fact I have to share pics of the twins in their new jammies. I know that they are cute (no modesty here!) but these kids in jammies are just adorable!!!

Below is a pic of them putting their little minds together to figure out how to take down Catwoman and Mr. Freeze. In reality, Austin is probably just trying to figure out how to get the coveted comb away from Addie.

Addie with her serious crimefighter face

Austin thinks he can defeat villains by laughing them to death

I am just madly in love with these kiddos, especially in their new jammies. I just had to share!! :)


Rosenbaum Christmas Extravaganza 2010

It's that time again...time for all of the Rosenbaums to get together and celebrate Christmas! This year Cousin Barbs opened her home, catered some amazing Mexican food and was definitely the hostess with the mostest! Here is a pic before we left:

Austin and Addie are the youngest cousins by a couple of years but Randi and Ryan were still good about playing with them and trying to keep them entertained! Ryan shared his Slinky while taking a chip break:

Randi did a great job taking care of her baby cousin (technically 1st cousin once removed if you are like John and actually care about that detail).

Cousin Barbs had a big surprise for all of the kids that night. She had asked Santa to make a special trip and stop by to celebrate with the Rosenbaums! All of the kids (and most of the adults too) were so excited to see him!!

Santa had each child sit on his knee and tell them what they want for Christmas. He also gave them some pre-Christmas presents and told them how great they had been this year.

However...there were some children that haven't been so good this year and received lumps of coal. Try harder next year Daddy Jack and Uncle Steve!!

Even Grandmother Mary got to sit on Santa's lap. I'm pretty sure I overheard her asking for Santa's number. That might put her on Mrs. Claus' naughty list! :)

So here's one picture of Austin not crying with Santa. Too bad he still looks terrified! I would love to say that I have a picture of Addison not crying with Santa. But that would just be a lie.

Let me preface this next picture by saying that it is WAAAAAY past the twins' bedtime. I'm so sorry my sweet Austin and Addie that I kept you up too late just to be terrorized by Jolly St. Nick. But I love this picture and it will definitely capture your first Santa Claus experience!!

Every time I look at this picture I can't help but laugh. My children are typically good natured until you make them stay awake and subject them to a stranger with a beard (side note: growing facial hair is not a Rosenbaum men strong suit so they aren't used to men with beards).

Austin and Addie got some great presents (thanks everyone!) and got to experience the first of many Rosenbaum Christmas Extravaganzas!