And the Countdown Begins....

Today was my 36 week appointment with Dr. Mathews. He's set a c-section date of February 11th! Of course the twins can come whenever they want but this will be the day if I can hold out that long.

Now comes the longest two weeks of my life. Time is already at a standstill so I think the next two weeks will just be miserable. I can't wait to meet the A-Team!


Our Latest Sonogram

Today was one of our last sonogram appointments. I got to go see Dr. Gorgeous by myself because John is at a conference. They did another fetal non-stress test and said everything looks perfect. Austin is weighing in at 4 lbs 15 oz and Addie is a whopping 5 pounds 6 oz. Looks like she's going to be the dominant one! Both are head down again but I think we'll still end up doing a c-section. Both Dr. M and Dr. G have convinced me that there is enough risk with doing it the other way and I don't want to put the babies in any danger!

We're supposed to go back in 2 weeks - unless the A-Team is already here!!


35 Week Appt

Today I waddled in to see Dr. Mathews. If waddling was an Olympic sport, I would win the gold! The first thing he noticed when he walked in was the swelling in my calves. As of this morning, I look like I have sausages for toes and kielbasas for calves (thank God the ankles are hanging in there - no cankles yet)! He seemed a little concerned about it but just said to stay off my feet as much as possible. He also said that if my blood pressure starts going up, it will be time to have some babies. I'm measuring like someone at 40 weeks would be and I definitely feel every bit of it!! I know the babies have some more baking to do but I'm ready to get rid of this bowling ball in my stomach.

Other than that, we're just playing it by ear. Dr. M said they can come anytime and at this point, he won't do anything to stop them!


A Big Milestone

Today we've reached "safety zone." Woo hoo!! If for some reason the twins decided they wanted to come now, there is a 100% survival rate. From here on out, every week that they decide to keep baking is just bonus - it would mean less time in the NICU.

Dr. M said that we'll try to get to 38 weeks (February 12th) but to be ready for them to come anytime. Guess John and I should jump on packing those hospital bags!

The Sock Monkeys Again...

We've added more twin gear to our collection and of course the sock monkeys had to test it all out!! They approve of the rockers, Boppys and the handmade chairs that Lance and Margaret made for the A-Team for Christmas.

If you'll notice, Pink Sock Monkey has on a diaper. Someone (that would be me) doesn't really get the whole diapering thing. So I figured I'd practice on an inanimate object - totally like putting a diaper on a baby, right? Luckily, John is a diaper master, in addition to being a baby whisperer. All I have to do is deliver and feed the kids and John's got the rest!

Officially Ready for the Kiddos....

This past weekend, John and I got a lot of stuff done for the twins! We bought a faux fur rug for the nursery - it didn't take more than 30 seconds for Stellar to claim it as his fave new naptime spot.

Earl the Explorer became a Mom-mobile once John installed the car seats. Now we are officially ready to bring the twins home from the hospital. John did a great job putting them in while I got to sit back and supervise. :)

John and his dad, Jack, also hung a bathroom cabinet in the guest bath. We needed a place to store all of the twins' towels, washcloths and the insane amount of baby drugs we purchased (thanks flex spending)! John and I thought it was funny that instead of using one of his nice tool boxes that he owns, he has turned a Huggies box into the place to store all of his tools upstairs. You know you are a dad when a Huggies box is cooler than a real tool box!


Austin and Addie Update

Today was a sonogram appt with Dr. Gore (aka Dr. Gorgeous). We started off with a fetal non-stress test. The nurse hooked me up to two fetal monitors and had me relax in a super comfy recliner. Basically John and I hung out for 20 minutes while we listened to the beautiful sounds of Austin and Addison's heartbeats. The nurse said they were monitoring both of their baseline heartbeats and to see if the heartbeats increased during the 20 minutes. As far as we know, they passed with flying colors! Addie has officially overtaken Austin in the weight department. She's 4 lbs 5 oz and has decided to flip around so she's now breech. Austin weighed in at 4 lbs 2 oz and is still head down. Since Addie is breech, it will be an automatic C-section. Guess I won't be sprinting up and down the stairs after the twins are born! All in all, Dr. Gore said that everything looks great. We now get to see him every 2 weeks until the A-Team arrives. Yay for more DVDs!


The A-Team's Room

Here are some pics of Austin and Addie's room. It just needs a couple of finishing touches and then it's ready for their arrival!

It hasn't quite set in that the A-Team will be here in less than 6 weeks. The past 8 months have flown by!! Now that I'm so eager for them to be here, time seems to be at a stand still. At least I can go play in the nursery to help pass the time!