35 Week Appt

Today I waddled in to see Dr. Mathews. If waddling was an Olympic sport, I would win the gold! The first thing he noticed when he walked in was the swelling in my calves. As of this morning, I look like I have sausages for toes and kielbasas for calves (thank God the ankles are hanging in there - no cankles yet)! He seemed a little concerned about it but just said to stay off my feet as much as possible. He also said that if my blood pressure starts going up, it will be time to have some babies. I'm measuring like someone at 40 weeks would be and I definitely feel every bit of it!! I know the babies have some more baking to do but I'm ready to get rid of this bowling ball in my stomach.

Other than that, we're just playing it by ear. Dr. M said they can come anytime and at this point, he won't do anything to stop them!