Austin and Addie Update

Today was a sonogram appt with Dr. Gore (aka Dr. Gorgeous). We started off with a fetal non-stress test. The nurse hooked me up to two fetal monitors and had me relax in a super comfy recliner. Basically John and I hung out for 20 minutes while we listened to the beautiful sounds of Austin and Addison's heartbeats. The nurse said they were monitoring both of their baseline heartbeats and to see if the heartbeats increased during the 20 minutes. As far as we know, they passed with flying colors! Addie has officially overtaken Austin in the weight department. She's 4 lbs 5 oz and has decided to flip around so she's now breech. Austin weighed in at 4 lbs 2 oz and is still head down. Since Addie is breech, it will be an automatic C-section. Guess I won't be sprinting up and down the stairs after the twins are born! All in all, Dr. Gore said that everything looks great. We now get to see him every 2 weeks until the A-Team arrives. Yay for more DVDs!