Officially Ready for the Kiddos....

This past weekend, John and I got a lot of stuff done for the twins! We bought a faux fur rug for the nursery - it didn't take more than 30 seconds for Stellar to claim it as his fave new naptime spot.

Earl the Explorer became a Mom-mobile once John installed the car seats. Now we are officially ready to bring the twins home from the hospital. John did a great job putting them in while I got to sit back and supervise. :)

John and his dad, Jack, also hung a bathroom cabinet in the guest bath. We needed a place to store all of the twins' towels, washcloths and the insane amount of baby drugs we purchased (thanks flex spending)! John and I thought it was funny that instead of using one of his nice tool boxes that he owns, he has turned a Huggies box into the place to store all of his tools upstairs. You know you are a dad when a Huggies box is cooler than a real tool box!