Tiny Blessings

We are 11 days into the world of being parents. It's so incredible to me that we can be so in love with people we just met such a short time ago. Every day Austin and Addison do something new that makes our hearts melt - like posing the same while sleeping, randomly smiling and just being the most adorable people God ever created. It's been fun watching them develop individually and as twins! They already have their special bond and miss each other when they aren't bundled together in a crib.

Here is a picture of Addison trying to snuggle on top of Austin. Not so sure what Austin's thoughts are on that!
John and I are so lucky that the A-Team was born right in time for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. John and I have something to keep us entertained 24/7 while he's off for 2 weeks. It makes the 3:00 am feedings not as bad if we know we have a curling match to look forward to! (That's right - I said curling - we're addicted).

Our fabulous friend Rich is in Vancouver right now and sent the twins their Olympic gear! It's a little big on them but definitely a keepsake to commemorate their births!


Happy 1 Week Birthday!

We've made it a week. Although John and I are running on very little sleep, we couldn't be happier with the new additions to our family. Austin and Addison are doing well! We're still coming up with a schedule that works for us on changing diapers, feeding the A-Team, changing more diapers and remembering to shower and brush our teeth.

I knew babies go through a lot of diapers but I am SHOCKED at how many our two go through. Below is a picture of the diaper genie bag - full after 20 hours of being home. It's amazing!!

I'll try to take pictures of the twins each month with their sock monkeys so you can watch them grow. Right now we're estimating that they are almost back to their birth weights. I know that they will grow fast and not be quite as snuggly as they are now - we're definitely cherishing every moment with them.

Here's a very sleepy daddy picture with his very beautiful little girl. I love watching John with our babies. He's an amazing father and does everything he can to help. In fact, to date, I have only changed one diaper and John is a resident swaddling master. I can see in his actions how much he loves me and our children!


Happy Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day, John and I received the best presents ever, our twins. Here's a picture of them in their Valentine's Day outfits, way too big but cute nonetheless!
Here is a picture of the twins with their cousins, Liam and Norah. Everyone is decked out in their Valentine's Day gear!

Tonight John and I had our first date night away from the twins. John's fabulous sister-in-law, Ashley, offered to watch the twins while we ate Firehouse Subs in the hospital lobby. Definitely different than Valentine's dates in the past but it was perfect. Thanks Ashley for letting us have our first date without the kids! :)


The A-Team

Welcome to the world A-Team!! Austin Reed was born at 7:53 am on February 11th. He weighed in at 5 lbs 12 oz and was 18.3" long. Addison Ryan was born at 7:54 am. She weighed 5 lbs 8 oz and was 17.1" long.

Our little family has doubled and we are so blessed!
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Beautiful Babies Born in a Blizzard Bring Bountiful Blessings

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Our Last Sonogram

Today was our last visit to see Dr. Gore. He said that both babies look good. I am convinced that Addison has a future in gymnastics because even though there is so little room, she has flipped back to breech again. Look for her at the 2028 Olympics!

Right now both Austin and Addison are weighing in at 6 lbs, 5 oz. These are just estimates so it will be interesting to see how much they weigh on Thursday! Just 3 more days until we meet our little A-Team. Can't wait!

Here's a little clip of our fetal non-stress test. Just checking to see if they are active and have healthy heartbeats!


John's Baptism

This morning John was baptized by immersion. This is an outward sign of your faith in Jesus and part of becoming a member of the Baptist church. Jack, Linda, Jason and Ashley were able to join us for this very cool and very special event.

What I failed to record is Pastor Chuck saying the water heater for the baptistery was not working. Seeing as it's 40 degrees outside, I imagine the water was pretty chilly! But John handled it like a champ.


Relief is in sight!

Today was our 37 week appointment. 7 days and counting until we meet the A-Team!

I have dialated between 1-2 centimeters so Dr. M said to take it easy and "don't do anything crazy this weekend." The other reason not to go crazy this weekend - he is going out of town until Monday night. Not so sure why Dr. M didn't clear his vacation with me -what if we need him? :)

On our list of things to do this weekend....
Go to the movies - might be our last one for a while!
Barnes and Noble - need to buy a how to raise twins book, apparently they don't come out with instructions attached
Hang out - we're down to our last days as just us in our family
Take it easy - I need the babies to stay in until Tuesday so Dr. M can be the one to deliver them!