Happy 1 Week Birthday!

We've made it a week. Although John and I are running on very little sleep, we couldn't be happier with the new additions to our family. Austin and Addison are doing well! We're still coming up with a schedule that works for us on changing diapers, feeding the A-Team, changing more diapers and remembering to shower and brush our teeth.

I knew babies go through a lot of diapers but I am SHOCKED at how many our two go through. Below is a picture of the diaper genie bag - full after 20 hours of being home. It's amazing!!

I'll try to take pictures of the twins each month with their sock monkeys so you can watch them grow. Right now we're estimating that they are almost back to their birth weights. I know that they will grow fast and not be quite as snuggly as they are now - we're definitely cherishing every moment with them.

Here's a very sleepy daddy picture with his very beautiful little girl. I love watching John with our babies. He's an amazing father and does everything he can to help. In fact, to date, I have only changed one diaper and John is a resident swaddling master. I can see in his actions how much he loves me and our children!