Tiny Blessings

We are 11 days into the world of being parents. It's so incredible to me that we can be so in love with people we just met such a short time ago. Every day Austin and Addison do something new that makes our hearts melt - like posing the same while sleeping, randomly smiling and just being the most adorable people God ever created. It's been fun watching them develop individually and as twins! They already have their special bond and miss each other when they aren't bundled together in a crib.

Here is a picture of Addison trying to snuggle on top of Austin. Not so sure what Austin's thoughts are on that!
John and I are so lucky that the A-Team was born right in time for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. John and I have something to keep us entertained 24/7 while he's off for 2 weeks. It makes the 3:00 am feedings not as bad if we know we have a curling match to look forward to! (That's right - I said curling - we're addicted).

Our fabulous friend Rich is in Vancouver right now and sent the twins their Olympic gear! It's a little big on them but definitely a keepsake to commemorate their births!