6(ish) week update!

A little Austin/Addie Update...

Austin seems to be growing by the pound each day. He definitely isn't one to miss a meal!! He is starting to smile (and not just a gas smile). Austin is learning to focus on our faces a little more. He's definitely getting strong and can hold his head up fairly well on his own. His current favorite pastime besides eating is chilling in his swing. At night, he's still getting up every 3 hours or so to eat (like I said, not missing a meal!)

Addison is also starting to smile a lot more. Hers may still be due to gas. :) Addie can focus on our faces and seems content to just stare. She is by far the more intense of the two. John and I like to joke that if she keeps furrowing her brow while making her "intense Addie face," she'll need Botox by the time she's 3! At night, she's starting to sleep in longer and longer stretches. Her longest is 5 hours! On that note, John and I each take a twin for the night. He usually takes Addie so I'm definitely getting the short end of the stick on the sleep deal!

All in all, I feel like we're starting to get the hang of things. I won't dare say that we're developing a routine because I know everything will just change tomorrow. It's a lot of fun watching our twins grow and watching them develop new little things.

Here are some random pics...
Going for a walk...

Naptime on Daddy

Hanging with the sock monkeys

Sleeping through tummy time..