Hopefully the First of Many....

Last night the twins did something they have never done before - slept all the way through the night! We've had several nights of 6 hour stretches but this time there was no waking up for an early morning snack. We put Austin and Addison to bed last night around 10. I was shocked when they woke us up at 6:53 the next morning! I think our bodies are in shock to have 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Hopefully this is a new pattern for the A-Team!


Our Second Road Trip....

This past weekend we loaded Earl the Explorer  - this time with the dogs in tow and headed back down to Round Rock. Austin's future wife and Addie's future BFF was born last week and the A-Team wanted to welcome the beautiful Lilly Grace to the world! Austin apparently missed the memo that screaming and crying is no way to win a girl's heart.

The Dunaways - JaNae, Kevin and Lilly...

While in Round Rock, they also got in some great Grandpa and Grandma West time. Grandpa and Grandma did a really good job of feeding and entertaining the twins. We're still waiting for Grandpa to offer up changing the dirty diapers! :)

This past weekend, Austin and Addie discovered magical chairs called Bumbos. They love sitting in them and giving us big smiles. Austin's favorite activity is to chill in the Bumbo and watch the fan..or a light...or curtains. He's not really particular! Austin and Addie can also sit and chat with each other.


2 Month Checkup

Today Austin and Addie had a date with Dr. G for their 2 month checkup. Austin weighs 10 pounds, 7 ounces and Addie is 8 pounds, 9 ounces. Dr. G said they are both growing well and look great!! On their report cards, he noted that Austin gives good smiles and that Addie is a sweet girl. We happen to agree!

Dr. G told us to keep following Baby Wise - it's the book he recommends. He said that we're super smart for getting them on a schedule now - makes life easier with twins! Dr. G also told us that we're doing an awesome job with both of them - something that John and I can't hear enough of as new parents.

Austin and Addie both got more shots this trip. Each did really well with only a little crying - the A-Team is definitely made up of a couple of rock stars! Now that they have this round of shots, it's ok for us to make our way back out in the real world. John and I are looking forward to taking the twins out to eat and taking them to Target. It's the little things in life that keep us happy. :)


On Becoming Babywise..Take 2

Today is Day 5 of our schedule training. Other than a couple of bumps in the road, Austin and Addie are learning well! For the past 2 nights, John and I have been able to put them down around 10ish, feed them when they wake up around 2 and then enjoy a longer snooze until 5 or 5:30. We're definitely not where we want to be as far as sleeping but much closer! John and I have actually woken up mildly refreshed vs. like zombies. It's kind of nice!

During the day, it's been a lot easier for me to handle both of them since we have a better routine going. I also get to enjoy a lot more playtime instead of feeling like I'm always feeding someone. We are still letting them cry it out a bit (not usually longer than 7 minutes or so) and they are getting better about soothing themselves to sleep.

I know there are a million different parenting views out there and an exhaustive list of books we could read. However, I feel we may have found a solution that works for us...for now!


We're 2 Months Old!

Today Austin and Addie are 2 months old - time has flown!! We have an appointment on Tuesday to see how much they weigh. Both of them are becoming so much fun to play with. After they eat, we keep them awake to play. Austin and Addie are all smiles and are becoming much more interactive. John and I like to make faces at them and watch them mimic us.  Here are some pics of our cuties!

The Waffle Princess

Last night, the Waffle Princess (aka Christine) came to visit. She brought with her all of the ingredients to make breafer (that would be breakfast for dinner!) This included waffles, strawberries, syrup and my favorite - whipped cream! It was great to hang out with Christine and of course eat yummy breafer.

Here's a picture of the Waffle Princess:

Here's a pic of my smiling waffle - I proceeded to eat that smile right off of his face!


On Becoming Babywise...

Today John and I started something new - trying to put the twins on more of a set schedule. We're following the principles of a book called "On Becoming Baby Wise." This puts them on a schedule of eating, playing, then sleeping. Although there are some great concepts in there, I personally am having some issues with it. Honestly, if John wasn't around, I would have scrapped this whole strict schedule thing already!

The biggest problem I have is letting my little angels cry it out. The book says that we need to let them fuss for 15-20 minutes. However, I don't think the writers take into account that my babies don't fuss, they all out wail! Luckily, they have learned to tune each other's cries out. I'm pretty sure that I've caught Austin smiling when Addie is crying. What a mean big brother!

The second problem I have is that the babies are supposed to only go to sleep in their cribs. This means no more snuggling with Austin and Addie until they fall asleep and definitely no more letting them sleep on our chests!

So this is day 1 and I don't feel any more "baby wise." But, apparently this is the way to get them sleeping through the night. Since I'm longing for the day of actually sleeping 5-7 hours in a row, I'll tough out listening to their cries and come out the other side a little more baby wise!

Perfect Easter Weekend in Round Rock

This past weekend, the Rosies packed up an obscene amount of baby gear and headed south to Round Rock for the A-Team's first Easter. Since John had a presentation to give in Round Rock on Thursday, we got to spend a long weekend with Grandma and Grandpa West. It was great to see them plus have all of the extra helping hands! Just because we were on vacation doesn't mean the twins slept like they were on vacation. Here's a pic of John after an early morning feeding....

Here's a pic of Austin and Addie during twin tummy time. Not really all that productive but kept us entertained!

For Easter, I threw practicality out the window and bought outfits that had too many real buttons, no snaps on the pant legs and white fabric (not the color for newborns who spit up!) However, as inpractical as the outfits were, Austin and Addison looked too cute for words!! Austin and Addison also received handmade quilts from Grandma West. They love all of the bright colors!

Addie decided she was done taking Easter pictures pretty quickly. Apparenly food is more important!

John said that he hated pictures where the parents are smiling and the babies are crying. So he decided to join Austin in his cries!

Austin and Addie also got to see their cousins, Liam and Norah. Grandpa and Grandma West wanted a cute Easter picture with all of their grandchildren. Unfortunately trying to get 4 kids under the age of 2 and a half to all focus on one camera is close to impossible. Here's the best we've got!