Perfect Easter Weekend in Round Rock

This past weekend, the Rosies packed up an obscene amount of baby gear and headed south to Round Rock for the A-Team's first Easter. Since John had a presentation to give in Round Rock on Thursday, we got to spend a long weekend with Grandma and Grandpa West. It was great to see them plus have all of the extra helping hands! Just because we were on vacation doesn't mean the twins slept like they were on vacation. Here's a pic of John after an early morning feeding....

Here's a pic of Austin and Addie during twin tummy time. Not really all that productive but kept us entertained!

For Easter, I threw practicality out the window and bought outfits that had too many real buttons, no snaps on the pant legs and white fabric (not the color for newborns who spit up!) However, as inpractical as the outfits were, Austin and Addison looked too cute for words!! Austin and Addison also received handmade quilts from Grandma West. They love all of the bright colors!

Addie decided she was done taking Easter pictures pretty quickly. Apparenly food is more important!

John said that he hated pictures where the parents are smiling and the babies are crying. So he decided to join Austin in his cries!

Austin and Addie also got to see their cousins, Liam and Norah. Grandpa and Grandma West wanted a cute Easter picture with all of their grandchildren. Unfortunately trying to get 4 kids under the age of 2 and a half to all focus on one camera is close to impossible. Here's the best we've got!