A-Team's First Swim

Hello Blogosphere! This is Papa Rosie's first blog posting. Enjoy!!!

This weekend was Austin and Addison's first trip to the 'ole watering hole. We got them dressed up in the latest infant swim fashion and took them outside to our incredible swimming pool. The A-Team, Kristin, and I loved the chance to splash around during these hot 100 degree Texas days.

Austin and Addison ready for swimming with the new towels Grandma West embroidered for them.

The kids had a great time splashing around, but by the end they were ready for nap time.

Finally, a quick contest for all you reading this... can you pick out the Rosenbaum's new swimming pool from the photos below?

My Cuties

No other reason for this post other than to share pictures of the cutest babies in the universe!

The A-Team Defeats Rice Cereal

Austin and Addie are finally eating more rice cereal than they are spitting out - that's a W in my book. Don't get me wrong, the twins still make a mess but they are figuring out this eating thing. I'm pretty sure they don't even mind the taste anymore. Austin's fave thing about eating cereal is the opportunity to play with spoons once he's done!


Happy 1st Father's Day!

I am so blessed to have John as my partner in this crazy thing called parenthood. While I was pregnant, he never complained about having to cook his own dinner because I all wanted was ramen noodles or blueberry muffins. John never complained that he picked up doing a lot of the housework because I was too tired or my back hurt. Once the twins were born, John jumped into fatherhood 110%. He even changed EVERY diaper for the first 3 weeks of their lives (which was about 500 diapers!). John took on the cooking/cleaning and tended to my every need - giving me the chance to heal from my surgery. For that, I am extremely thankful.

I never realized how much I love John until I see him with our children. He is so caring, so loving and so willing to change diapers. :) It makes me smile to watch him snuggle with his princess. Watching John's face as he watches Addie - I know he's truly in love. John has a strong bond with his "mini-me". He can make Austin laugh like no other and loves to entertain him.

I am truly blessed to have John as the father of my children. I know that he will do his best to instill solid values in our children and will lead us in raising the A-Team in a strong Christian home.

Happy 1st Father's Day John!

Father's Day Weekend

We packed up the A-Team and the dogs and headed southbound 35 to Round Rock for Father's Day weekend. My parents hadn't seen the twins in almost two months and were SUPER excited for the weekend! While there we also got to spend time with my brother and his family. Here's a pics of the dads on Father's Day: 

We had the dads stand in front of the mountain picture so we could pretend that we were in the mountains instead of the 100+ degree heat of Austin.

Our thoughtful dads (2 out of 3 of the dads got the memo on the pensive pose):

While in Round Rock, we also got to see my fabulous friend JaNae and her family. Her daughter, Lilly is almost 2 months younger than Addison. You would never guess that based on this picture!

Austin wasn't very happy that he missed naptime to go over to the Dunaways so he refused to play dress up with Addie and Lilly. He chose to ignore the girls and sleep!

We did miss seeing John's dad on Father's Day. We did get to do an early Father's Day on Thursday to celebrate. Dinner was cut short by Austin due to what John and I are calling The Great La Hacienda Cryout of 2010. We did enjoy celebrating Father's Day with Jack but did learn an important lesson. Austin is just like his daddy and does NOT like to miss naps!


Rice Cereal - 1, A-Team - 0

Tonight we attempted rice cereal for the first time. 90% of the cereal ended up on their bibs and faces and maybe 10% in their mouths. Austin and Addison weren't super thrilled with the rice cereal - apparently it tastes pretty gross (thanks John for being the taste tester)!

So even if the rice cereal wasn't a hit, the spoons sure were!

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Yesterday John and I had a new first in this journey called Parenthood. We wanted to celebrate the A-Team's 4 month birthday with the new A-Team movie. Sucks that they got shots and we got a movie but oh well. So, we hired a babysitter! Her name is Morgan and she goes to our church. The twins had a great time with her. We're blessed to have found an awesome babysitter and will definitely use her in the future!

So Long Big 12?

No matter what conference the Aggies choose to join, they will still have loyal fans!

Hey! Who are you???

There comes a day in all parents of twins lives that makes the added stress of having more than one baby all worth it. The day when one discovers the other. John and I have tried forcing the twins to hold hands or try looking at each other but to no avail. Then one day Austin and Addie locked eyes....and smiled. How cool is that?

If we face them towards each other, they "talk." At this point it's all babble to me but I don't speak baby fluently. It's neat to see how they are developing a bond so early in life. If I am holding Austin, Addie just stares at him and smiles. If I hold Addie, Austin tries to reach out and grab her. I love watching them grow together!


We're 4 Months Old!

Today Austin and Addison are 4 months old. And how do they get to celebrate? A trip to the doctor complete with shots! Dr. G said they are both growing well and look really good. He also said that we can start them on rice cereal - that should be an adventure! They both still eat between 4-6 oz, 6 times a day. John and I have been enjoying lots of sleep because typically they will sleep from 9:30 - 7ish. Those days of getting up in the middle of the night are such a distant memory!

Austin now weighs 13 pounds, 5 oz. He's 23.5 inches long. Austin's favorite thing to do right now is laugh. He laughs at everything, especially John's dancing. He's working under the thought that anything that can go into his hand or is next to his head should go into his mouth too. This includes toys, bib's and Addison's arm/head/foot/hand (he's really not that picky). This also means that Austin has become a thumb sucker.

Addison weighs 10 lbs, 12 oz. She's 22.3 inches long. Addie is still our petite little girl but Dr. G said she's perfect (we happen to agree)! Addie has recently discovered her tongue and loves to stick out and try to grab it. She has also decided that she no longer wants to sleep on her back but prefers her side - just like her mommy! Addie is a little tougher critic in the laugh department. She smiles a lot but it takes something special to make her laugh - like John blowing zerberts on her tummy.

Both kids like tummy time now - no more screaming thank goodness. They push up on their forearms well and can both roll over from tummy to back. They have both rolled back to tummy but we haven't really caught them in action.

It is amazing to see how much our little A-Team has grown. They are no longer the tiny newborns we brought home from the hospital. Now they are little people who smile, laugh, entertain and explore...all while melting our hearts.