Father's Day Weekend

We packed up the A-Team and the dogs and headed southbound 35 to Round Rock for Father's Day weekend. My parents hadn't seen the twins in almost two months and were SUPER excited for the weekend! While there we also got to spend time with my brother and his family. Here's a pics of the dads on Father's Day: 

We had the dads stand in front of the mountain picture so we could pretend that we were in the mountains instead of the 100+ degree heat of Austin.

Our thoughtful dads (2 out of 3 of the dads got the memo on the pensive pose):

While in Round Rock, we also got to see my fabulous friend JaNae and her family. Her daughter, Lilly is almost 2 months younger than Addison. You would never guess that based on this picture!

Austin wasn't very happy that he missed naptime to go over to the Dunaways so he refused to play dress up with Addie and Lilly. He chose to ignore the girls and sleep!

We did miss seeing John's dad on Father's Day. We did get to do an early Father's Day on Thursday to celebrate. Dinner was cut short by Austin due to what John and I are calling The Great La Hacienda Cryout of 2010. We did enjoy celebrating Father's Day with Jack but did learn an important lesson. Austin is just like his daddy and does NOT like to miss naps!