Happy 1st Father's Day!

I am so blessed to have John as my partner in this crazy thing called parenthood. While I was pregnant, he never complained about having to cook his own dinner because I all wanted was ramen noodles or blueberry muffins. John never complained that he picked up doing a lot of the housework because I was too tired or my back hurt. Once the twins were born, John jumped into fatherhood 110%. He even changed EVERY diaper for the first 3 weeks of their lives (which was about 500 diapers!). John took on the cooking/cleaning and tended to my every need - giving me the chance to heal from my surgery. For that, I am extremely thankful.

I never realized how much I love John until I see him with our children. He is so caring, so loving and so willing to change diapers. :) It makes me smile to watch him snuggle with his princess. Watching John's face as he watches Addie - I know he's truly in love. John has a strong bond with his "mini-me". He can make Austin laugh like no other and loves to entertain him.

I am truly blessed to have John as the father of my children. I know that he will do his best to instill solid values in our children and will lead us in raising the A-Team in a strong Christian home.

Happy 1st Father's Day John!