Happy Birthday T!

Our fabulous friend Taryn is in town from Washington and everyone got together to celebrate her birthday! We haven't seen T since her wedding so it was a lot of fun to get together and catch up!

The boys had a good time playing too. I'm glad that all of them get along well since when the girls get together, we tend to forget about the boys!

Taryn and our server....

The best part of the night was definitely Plaid on Plaid Man. I mean seriously...I assume that he knows that there is definitely something all kinds of wrong with his attire! If anything, he did provide some great entertainment!


Pool Time!

Tonight we went to our neighborhood pool to play with the A-Team. Our pool has a separate baby area that was perfect for the twins to sit and stand in. Even though I was a little nervous about the reaction we'd get, John decided to dunk the twins. Bracing myself for crying, I was pleasantly surprised with smiles. If I wasn't so creeped out by the Nirvana Nevermind CD cover, then I'd be ready to enroll the twins in swim lessons so we could have some water babies!

We forgot to take the camera with us to the pool but here is a pic of the happy swimmers afterwards!


A "Big" Night Out

I'm a sucker for all of these Red Lobster commercials for CrabFest. I saw one this morning and have been DYING for crab all day! John - as the amazing husband he is - took me out tonight!

Addie's ready to go!

Austin also saw the Red Lobster commercial and wanted some crab. I convinced him that he's too young for now so he was content with his toy crab.

I'm so glad that the A-Team likes to go to dinner or shopping with us. It's fun to hang out with our kiddos while still getting to do the things that we love to do!


Mall Walkers in Training

This weekend Austin and Addison ventured out for the first time to Stonebriar Mall. We wanted to take them to see Toy Story 3 but it was sold out. So instead, we hit the stores for cute outfits for the A-Team (with John actually in the mood to shop!!)

We took a break to watch the ice skaters. I know that Austin and Addie can't wait to be old enough to ice skate. They were very intrigued with what was going on!

After 3 hours at the mall, the A-Team was pooped. Other than not seeing a movie, it was a very successful trip!

My favorite part of the mall is the fact that tons of people stopped us to gush over how cute our children are. Of course John and I ate it up. We know they are the most precious things God ever created and love having that reaffirmed by strangers! :) It was also really cool to hear how many of those people are twins or have twins. It's an instant bond!



It's official - Austin and Addison definitely love each other. No matter where they are on the floor, they will roll, scoot and slide their way over to the other one. They are always happier together.

Addie's hands were occupied so Austin was kind enough to let her suck on his thumb. I love that they have already learned sharing - a lesson I know a lot of adults haven't even conquered yet!

John and I have a lot to be worried about. They are already telling each other secrets. It looks like Austin is telling Addie something important - like the secret to curing cancer! Or maybe he's just burping in her ear - who knows!

Addison loves her brother a lot. And I'm glad that Austin doesn't seem to mind when Addie tries to roll or climb on him. We have tons of toys for them to play with but Addie's current fave toy is her brother.

Austin and Addie getting ready for storytime.

Imagining one without the other is like imagining peanut butter without the jelly. I love the way they interact and really seem to know each other. I love when Austin is crying and he spots Addie, his tears quickly turn to a smile. I love that Addie will roll herself across the room to grab onto Austin. I hope that they will always be best friends - even through that stage when it's not cool to love your brother or sister.

For now, I'm pretty content sitting back and being the third wheel during playtime.


Happy Birthday Daddy Jack

Happy birthday Daddy Jack! The twins were so excited to help celebrate John's dad's 63rd birthday.


Take Me Out To The Ballgame...

Today the A-Team headed out to watch the Frisco Rough Riders for Slalom Consulting's summer family outing. They braved the 100+ degree temperature to cheer on their team. I'm so proud of how awesome they were - I guess I should expect nothing less from our perfect kiddos!

Austin entertained and charmed everyone with his non-stop laughter. To be honest, I think he was just delirious from the heat! But it was definitely cute regardless of why he was laughing!

Addie tried to sport her team spirit with a baseball hat but it was a little big on her. She was pretty fascinated by the cute baseball players, even if the RoughRiders lost.

It was fun hanging out with John's coworkers and meeting some of the new people that have recently joined their team. But I'm not going to lie, I was definitely ready to get back to the air conditioner!


We're 5 Months Old!

How time flies - the A-Team is 5 months old!

Austin and Addison keep getting more and more fun! Both love to laugh and smile - especially at the other one. One of my favorite things in the world is watching how one lights up when the other comes into the room. They already have that special bond. Austin and Addison love to grasp onto anything and explore it. One of Austin's most loved pastimes is trying to put his whole hand in Addison's mouth. Addie doesn't seem to mind it since Austin's hand is the perfect chew toy. Several times John and I have caught them holding hands. To us it means that they really love each other. I'm sure that it's really just a game of baby tug-of-war. Austin and Addie do like to snuggle with each other still and are perfectly content just hanging out.

A couple of weeks ago John and I decided to drop the 9:00 dream feed. This means we now put the twins to sleep around 7:30. They sleep through the night and more often than not, we have to wake them up in the mornings. I love having sleepers! Addison is a mover and shaker in the crib and never ends up in the same spot we put her down in. She loves sleeping on her tummy curled up next to her sock monkey. Austin has become a side sleeper with the occasional tummy sleeping night. He stays in the same place in his crib but usually rotates 180 degrees. During the day, the twins still take 3 pretty good naps which allows me to get some work done.

Rice cereal has become a favorite meal around the Rosenbaum household. It's all we can do to get it into Addison's mouth fast enough without her crying for more. We're getting ready to add oat and barley cereal to the menu. Hopefully it's a hit!

We are estimating that Austin is in the 15 pound range. I definitely know he's getting harder and harder to carry in his car seat! He eats between 5-7 ounces per feeding, along with his rice cereal. He is extremely quick to smile and is generally pretty easy going. However, he can get overwhelmed in big groups or gets cranky when he misses naptime and has perfected a loud, soul-wrenching cry. Austin loves to stand on our laps and can roll back/front and front/back. He has 2 teeth that have recently made their debut. Other than a little fussiness, Austin did great bringing in the new teeth!

Addison is going to be our little athlete. She LOVES tummy time and pushes up to check out the world around her. Addie also likes to roll everywhere. The other day she was on her mat and the next thing I knew she was stuck under our side table. Addison is always kicking or waving her hands around - so active! She also likes to stand on our laps - that always elicits the biggest smiles! Addie is probably a little over 12 pounds now. She eats between 5-6 oz each feeding and inhales her rice cereal. I bet she's excited about starting solid foods next month.

I have reached the point where I am ready for them to stop growing so quickly. I swear, everytime I turn around they are doing something new. I'm pretty sure that Austin is bigger every morning when I go into the nursery to wake him up. Unfortunately I am not great at physics and haven't mastered freezing time. I'll just cherish all of the snuggles and smiles now before they become my little grown ups!


Leading the way for the A-Team - Great job central incisor!

Today Austin's first baby tooth poked through his bottom gums. It is a hard white line that I think will emerge to be his central incisor. I am pretty confident it is his first tooth. This would be 1/40th of the total baby teeth bestowed upon the A-Team. If you want to read more about Tooth Eruption, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tooth_eruption.

I am particularly curious what causes the teeth to erupt. Check out the disproven theories. Kind of interesting…

Kristin kindly asked me to tell anyone reading this that it was written by me (John).


Happy 4th of July

Happy birthday America! For 4th of July, we headed to Christi's and Brent's house for some yummy smoked meat (thanks Brent!) and good times with good friends. The A-Team got to play with their friend Cade. Play is such a strong word - Austin and Addie really just rolled around on the floor while Cade trucked around the living room with his puffs.

After a long day, the twins were tired and ready for bed. They decided sleep was more important than fireworks and crashed on the guest bed. Maybe they can stay awake next year!


4th of July Weekend

This weekend was a fun-filled 4th of July weekend for A-Team! They definitely made the most of a 3 day weekend. On Saturday, Austin and Addie got to meet their twin buddies, Jack and Gavin. Of course we had to try to get all 4 together in a picture. Getting them all to smile or even look the same way at the same time was a little more of a challenge. Addie was a little outnumbered with all those boys around!

After hanging out with their new friends, the A-Team packed up and headed to the Trymeeuwsens for their annual 4th of July party. If you'll notice there are no pictures of the pool party. The A-Team was a little cranky after being in the heat and humidity and missing a nap so we didn't get to stay as long as we wanted.  Oh well - we'll try again next year!