Mall Walkers in Training

This weekend Austin and Addison ventured out for the first time to Stonebriar Mall. We wanted to take them to see Toy Story 3 but it was sold out. So instead, we hit the stores for cute outfits for the A-Team (with John actually in the mood to shop!!)

We took a break to watch the ice skaters. I know that Austin and Addie can't wait to be old enough to ice skate. They were very intrigued with what was going on!

After 3 hours at the mall, the A-Team was pooped. Other than not seeing a movie, it was a very successful trip!

My favorite part of the mall is the fact that tons of people stopped us to gush over how cute our children are. Of course John and I ate it up. We know they are the most precious things God ever created and love having that reaffirmed by strangers! :) It was also really cool to hear how many of those people are twins or have twins. It's an instant bond!