It's official - Austin and Addison definitely love each other. No matter where they are on the floor, they will roll, scoot and slide their way over to the other one. They are always happier together.

Addie's hands were occupied so Austin was kind enough to let her suck on his thumb. I love that they have already learned sharing - a lesson I know a lot of adults haven't even conquered yet!

John and I have a lot to be worried about. They are already telling each other secrets. It looks like Austin is telling Addie something important - like the secret to curing cancer! Or maybe he's just burping in her ear - who knows!

Addison loves her brother a lot. And I'm glad that Austin doesn't seem to mind when Addie tries to roll or climb on him. We have tons of toys for them to play with but Addie's current fave toy is her brother.

Austin and Addie getting ready for storytime.

Imagining one without the other is like imagining peanut butter without the jelly. I love the way they interact and really seem to know each other. I love when Austin is crying and he spots Addie, his tears quickly turn to a smile. I love that Addie will roll herself across the room to grab onto Austin. I hope that they will always be best friends - even through that stage when it's not cool to love your brother or sister.

For now, I'm pretty content sitting back and being the third wheel during playtime.