Babyproofing 101

Now that the twins are a lot more mobile, John and I are going to have to babyproof our house! We've already learned a couple of lessons.

#1 - Magazines make an excellent snack.

#2 - Clean your fireplace tool set each year to avoid sooty hands (which will inevitably end up in someone's mouth).

#3 - Daddy isn't the only one that gets excited about surround sound and speaker wires.

Oh...gotta go! Someone is gnawing on our coffee table leg. :)

Millions of Peaches...

Peaches....our first foray into the world of fruit. After the twins have taken to veggies with such gusto, I expected them to fall in love with fruit too. I was a little surprised at the faces both of them made when eating peaches. Not the huge smiles I was expecting - more of "what in the world have you put in my mouth???"



So maybe they were just a little shocked at how sweet the peaches were after all their veggies. We'll try again tomorrow night - hopefully resulting in those big gummy smiles!


Happy Birthday Daddy!!

31 years ago the most amazing man came into the world. And 31 years after that day, I find myself lucky enough to be spending this birthday with him. This year, instead of a big party or dinner out, John chose to keep it lowkey and spend the birthday with his family. We picked up a hatched green chile pizza from Fireside Pies and a chocolate cake from Market Street (for all of those who may judge that I didn't make dinner or a cake, judge away - this year I was a tad bit lazy). :) Because God has given us a break from these crazy 110 degree days, we were able to sit on the patio and just relax. I had a great time hanging out with the ones I love most.

Austin and Addie were really helpful in reading John's birthday cards with him:

Addie was nice enough to test out John's new waterbelt. It's official - the waterbelt is drool-proof.

Happy birthday John. I love you and I look forward to many more celebrations!!



After months of non-stop drool and my finger being continuosly gnawed on, Addie finally has a tooth! She's not quite as eager to show off that little pearly white as her brother was so here's a pic of her chewing on her butterfly. Addie has done really well and hasn't been fussy at all. As long as she has something to chew on, she's one happy girl!


Getting Buff

Because their daddy has been running a lot to train for a marathon, the A-Team has decided it's time to get fit! They aren't sprinting just yet so they are working out in their own way.

Austin likes to start his mornings with some yoga. His fave pose is downward facing dog.

To work on his core and arm strength, Austin loves the plank! Look at the focus and determination on that face!!

Before Addie starts any workout, she makes sure to stretch. She doesn't want to pull a hammie!

Addie likes to do pushups so she can have tank top arms. She's not quite strong enough to do a real pushup so she still uses her knees.


Happy Birthday Linda!

Today we got together with Jason, Ashley and their boys, Jack and Linda and Grandmother to celebrate Linda's birthday. John was standing by with a fire extinguisher.

Happy Birthday!!


Continuing the Food Journey

Next up on the A-Team menu - squash! Austin and Addie both gobbled up every last bit of squash. We have another winner! John and I are really lucky that our kids haven't been picky eaters...so far.

Now that Austin and Addie are doing so well with their veggies, it might be time to move on to some fruit!


Headin' Southbound 35 (again)

We headed to Round Rock this past weekend to take family pics before my bro and his family head out to the mission field. Instead of getting a professional to take the pictures, we decided to do it ourselves! You could have called us the Griswalds. Luckily, we did get a pretty good one!

The grandparents...

Austin had a good time playing with his cousin Liam.

My parents recently moved my grandma into a nursing home in Round Rock. We had to hunt around for Grandma Mary for a while but met a lot of the Hearthstone residents along the way. We finally found her in her favorite spot - the activity room. The A-Team was very excited to see their great grandma. She's really good at making them laugh!

Austin the little motorcycle man

Getting some love from Grandma

On our drive home, we stopped in Waco to visit John's BFF, Nate. Addison loves her Uncle Nate!



To celebrate the twins' half birthday, we decided to test out carrots. As a side note, I HATE cooked carrots. I am a firm believer that God meant for this veggie to only be eaten raw. Therefore, it was a little tough preparing carrots for Austin and Addie. The smell of carrots when they are being steam and pureed is enough to make me gag. The texture is even worse. Let it be known how much I love my twins that I will actually make cooked carrots for them.

Addison scarfed her carrots down. And I mean SCARFED! She loves them!!

I thought that Austin was going to join me on my crusade against cooked carrots based on the faces he was making. However, it was all we could do to get the spoon in his mouth fast enough!! Guess I'll be solo on this dislike.


We're 6 Months Old!

I cannot believe my little A-Team is already 6 months old! They have changed so much in the past couple of months and have definitely developed their own little personalities.

Austin and Addie have recently discovered these magical things called feet. It amazes me how much time they spend exploring their feet when there are plenty of other toys to play with! They have figured out how to roll and maneuver  their way to desired objects around the room. The A-Team loves to laugh and smile. Addie always reserves her biggest smiles for John - she's definitely a daddy's girl in the making.

As far as sleeping, they still take 3 solid naps a day. This is great for me and I know that day will soon come where this will not be the case. At night, we put them in their cribs around 7:30 and they sleep until 7:00ish. The perfect start to my morning is when we go in to the nursery and are greeted by huge smiles from happy kids. These little babies melt my heart each day!

We started feeding them solids a couple of weeks ago and have now tried rice cereal, barley, oats, sweet potatoes, green beans and avocados. Green beans still top the list as a twin fave.

Austin is around 15 pounds, 10 oz (based on our super scientific scale at home). He eats 7-9 ounces 5 times a day and loves real food. Austin has 2 teeth and loves to gnaw. Unfortunately his teeth are just like puppy teeth - super sharp! I think that's why he prefers chewing on my finger or Addie's foot instead of his own hand. He can sit up on his own for about 10 seconds before capsizing. Austin has the backwards scoot figured out but isn't crawling yet. Although he likes to bounce in his jumparoo or roll around on the floor, Austin still is my sweet snuggly boy.

Austin sitting....And yes, that is an obscene amount of drool on his shirt.

Addie is about 12 pounds, 10 oz. She eats 5-7 ounces 5 times a day. I don't see any teeth yet but she is a drool machine and loves to gnaw on my hand. Hopefully we'll see some pearly whites soon! Addie has figured out how to draw her knees up under her and rocks before crashing. We expect she'll be crawling soon! Addie is so interested in whatever is around her. She likes playing with our phones and computers or our lips and cheeks. She especially likes it when Daddy lets her drink water out of his cup. My sweet little girl is growing up way too fast!!

Thinking about crawling...


Football Has Returned!

Everyone breath a big sigh of contentment. Tonight marked the return of football - and the twins' first Cowboys season! Thanks to the Trymeeuwsens for the awesome Cowboys gear! I know John is excited that the twins like watching football. Starting now until February, this is where he'll be on Sundays and Monday nights. Here's the A-Team watching the Cowboys with Daddy.

Go Cowboys!!!

A Veggie We Agree On

Tonight we tried green beans - mommy's favorite veggie. They were a hit with the twins too!

Austin's first bite:

More please!

Initially Addie wasn't thrilled with the new veggie.

But after a couple of bites, she decided it's a keeper on the menu!

Meet the Puffer Fish!

The twins already have a little pool but after seeing their twin friends' crab shack, the A-Team needed a new pool! Our store didn't have a crab shack so we bought the next best thing - a puffer fish!

This pool was definitely a hit - not just with the twins but with Stellar too. The best part about the puffer fish is that he sprays water. Austin and Addie's faces lit up with excitement!

Addie was completely fascinated with the spray. She liked trying to grab the water or stopping it all together. Hopefully she'll always be this easy to entertain!

While Addie was trying to figure out a way to conquer the water spray, Austin decided he'd rather float with Daddy.

The A-Team had a great weekend relaxing and playing in their new puffer fish. We're so glad that we have water lovers!


Happy Birthday Zoe

Austin and Addie attended their very first birthday party today. Their friend Zoe celebrated her first birthday! There were presents everywhere but I think the birthday girl had more fun playing in a bag with her grandma. :)

Austin and Addie did really well. I thought Austin was going to be overwhelmed by all of the people there but he worked his magic and was quite the charmer. Addie showed off her strength by scooting her way around the floor. Austin and Addie also found a new friend - Morgan. She was very helpful and ready to play with the babies!

I was amazed by how many of the little kids there were so good at sharing. Their parents are definitely raising them right! Austin and Addie were offered chicken tenders, pineapple, juice boxes and more. On more than one occasion we had to stop food from being put into their mouths. :) We did let the A-Team have their first taste of frosting. Addie was definitely a fan and the jury is still out for Austin.

All in all, it was definitely a fun birthday party and I'm glad the twins had a great time!


A-Team Takes On Sweet Potatoes

On our continuing journey to have little culinary geniuses, John and I picked sweet potatoes as the next big food experience.

First up...Addison

Addie loved the sweet potatoes. You would never guess that based on how much food is on the outside of her mouth. That's a combination of trying to eat too fast and Daddy feeding her.

More please:

Next up...Austin:

Tell us how you really feel about sweet potatoes Austin.

Well...I guess we'll have to keep on trying on this one. Hopefully Austin learns to like them eventually!