Getting Clean and Other Fun Things

I'm happy to say that bath time is no longer something that the A-Team thinks of as an unpleasant necessity. I think they are finally starting to actually enjoy taking baths vs. just tolerating them! John has started giving the twins animal lessons. He pulls out one of the squirt toys and proceeds to give his best Animal Planet rundown of the animal. Tonight was an orange crab. Of course John keeps the twins entertained while they get clean!

Every day these kids are getting stronger and stronger. I feel like they just want to stand! Here's Austin standing/leaning on John. He stayed that way for a while - pretty impressed!

Addie loves to hold on to edge of the crib. I'm thinking that we'll have to lower the mattress down soon. Gosh they are growing up so fast!! On a side note - Addie had on a fabulously beautiful white dress. She decided that spitting up on it was a good idea - hence the naked baby.

In one of my recent posts, I talked about how much Addie and Austin love each other and how Addie's favorite play toy was her brother. Well, in true female fashion, Addie has changed her mind and has discovered something she thinks is so much better....herself!

I left the room for a couple of minutes only to come back to find Addison staring at herself. This continued for about 20 minutes. Before I know it, she'll be looking in that mirror trying to put on makeup!