Happy Birthday Zoe

Austin and Addie attended their very first birthday party today. Their friend Zoe celebrated her first birthday! There were presents everywhere but I think the birthday girl had more fun playing in a bag with her grandma. :)

Austin and Addie did really well. I thought Austin was going to be overwhelmed by all of the people there but he worked his magic and was quite the charmer. Addie showed off her strength by scooting her way around the floor. Austin and Addie also found a new friend - Morgan. She was very helpful and ready to play with the babies!

I was amazed by how many of the little kids there were so good at sharing. Their parents are definitely raising them right! Austin and Addie were offered chicken tenders, pineapple, juice boxes and more. On more than one occasion we had to stop food from being put into their mouths. :) We did let the A-Team have their first taste of frosting. Addie was definitely a fan and the jury is still out for Austin.

All in all, it was definitely a fun birthday party and I'm glad the twins had a great time!