Meet the Puffer Fish!

The twins already have a little pool but after seeing their twin friends' crab shack, the A-Team needed a new pool! Our store didn't have a crab shack so we bought the next best thing - a puffer fish!

This pool was definitely a hit - not just with the twins but with Stellar too. The best part about the puffer fish is that he sprays water. Austin and Addie's faces lit up with excitement!

Addie was completely fascinated with the spray. She liked trying to grab the water or stopping it all together. Hopefully she'll always be this easy to entertain!

While Addie was trying to figure out a way to conquer the water spray, Austin decided he'd rather float with Daddy.

The A-Team had a great weekend relaxing and playing in their new puffer fish. We're so glad that we have water lovers!