A-Team vs. Avocados From Mexico

After weeks of rice cereal, barley and oatmeal, we decided to spice up the twins' diet with some avocado. John let them try a little last week when we were out at dinner but tonight it was the real deal. They were both really excited!

Addie's first bite wasn't what she was expecting...

Debating on whether or not to spit it out....

OK - I guess those avocados weren't so bad!

Austin's first big bite....

After I thought he was actually eating it, Austin surprised me by spitting all of the avocado back out.

Spitting out avocado and making a mess sure made Austin happy!

I wouldn't call the dive into the avocado world a success per say, but our twins are definitely on their way to eating real food (and not rice cereal, aka cardboard)! And of course, the faces that they made tonight provided a lot of enjoyment for John and me. Glad that the twins are our personal entertainment!