Happy Anniversary!!

3 years ago today I said "I do" to an amazing, incredible man. In this time we've taken fabulous vacations, changed jobs, bought our first house and doubled our family size. I love how much we have grown as a couple and I LOVE watching John as a father. In this crazy thing called life,  I can't imagine doing it with anyone other than John. Happy Anniversary John!


Baby Dedication

Today was Austin and Addison's baby dedication. What this means is that John and I are committing to raising Austin and Addie in a Christian home, teaching and training them in God's Word and praying for them. Wow - talk about a big responsibility! Definitely something we don't take lightly (and are a little scared we'll screw it up!)

Here is Pastor Chuck talking to us. Addie is clearly not interested in being dedicated and would rather play with her headband. Gosh - I guess I should start the discipline now! :)

 Pastor Chuck and the Rosenbaums

The Rosies and the Wests

 The Rosies and the Rosenbaums

The Rosies and the Lowrances

Addie thinking pensively about what it means to be dedicated (or maybe she's thinking that her new dress is getting grass on it - whatever!)

Addie is clearly done with picture time. Austin is excited to have the chance to eat grass.

"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26


Surviving the Plague

Well...maybe not the plague. But the twins had their first colds. 4 days of endless snot, fevers and pathetic little faces. I tried to capture the essence of their sickness. However, when the camera comes out, the little models are pure smiles. Based on the pictures, you wouldn't guess they were sick. But I can guarantee that they were!!

So I survived dealing with two sick little angels. I know this isn't the last time they will be sick at the same time but hopefully it doesn't happen again anytime soon!


Happy Birthday Wyatt

Tonight we headed to Jason and Ashley's house to celebrate Wyatt's birthday. I can't believe that he is already 5 - time truly does fly!

Happy 5th birthday Wyatt!


Saying Goodbye

This past weekend, we headed down to Round Rock to spend one last weekend with my brother and his family before they follow God's calling to be missionaries in Africa. It was a fun weekend but sad to say goodbye. Corey, Sommer, Liam and Norah will be gone for 3 years minimum. We'll be able to chat by Skype and email but it just won't be the same! For now it seems like they have just gone on vacation. I'm sure once Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, it will start to sink in that they are gone. But, we are proud of them and are definitely praying for them!

We also took the twins to see Grandma Mary. She's definitely good at making Austin laugh!

The twins also met Aunt Karen and Uncle Bobby:

Goodbye Corey, Sommer, Liam and Norah. We'll miss you and can't wait to hear about your adventures!!


My Little Monsters

I realize that Halloween is still over a month away but I couldn't resist buying these outfits and letting our twins wear them! The backs of the shirts say "Mommy's Little Monster" and "Daddy's Little Monster." These are the cutest little monsters I've ever seen!


We're 7 Months Old!

The A-Team is 7 months old today - I swear they are getting more and more fun! They are definitely talking more, moving more and laughing more. By the end of the day, I'm pretty tired from keeping up with these two but we are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing kiddos! By now, they have definitely developed their little personalities and are complete polar opposites. But, you can tell that they still have that special bond and are happiest when they are together.

My favorite time of day is still the morning when we first go into the nursery. The sleepy, sweet smiles are heart melting. The A-Team typically goes to bed between 7:15 and 7:30 and they sleep until 7:00 in the morning. They still take 3 naps a day, although the first 2 naps are getting shorter.

Austin and Addie still drink formula 5 times a day, as well as eat real food. As far as cereals, they eat rice, barley and oatmeal. The A-Team also eats avocados, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, pears, apples, peaches and a little chocolate frosting. :) Recently we started giving them puffs so they can learn how to feed themselves. Austin generally picks up a handful and tries shoving them all in his mouth. Most drop on the tray or in his chair but he does get some in his mouth. Addie is a little more dainty in her eating. She picks up a puff, plays with it for awhile amd then either gets it stuck to the side of her face or actually gets it in her mouth. I think she is of the mindset of quality, not quantity.

Austin is my lovable, sweet little man that is so quick to smile and laugh. He is attempting to crawl but most of the time decides he can get places quicker by rolling. Austin is typically pretty content with banging toys together or playing in his jumparoo. He can sit but only if we put him in that position - so far he doesn't show a lot of interest in sitting for too long. Austin has this incredible talent of non-stop drooling. It is truly amazing how much spit this kid produces. Right now he's working on tooth #6 so at least there is a reason for all of that saliva! Austin likes story time at bedtime - I hope that he grows up to be a reader (FYI - We read to Addie too - she just doesn't like to sit still if there is something for her to get in to)!

Addie is our little dare devil. She shows absolutely no fear and has been caught by the leg several times when attempting to fly off the couch. Addie has started crawling and she is fast when she has a destination in mind! She doesn't have any interest in sitting up for much longer than 2 seconds - this girl has places to go and people to see! Addie's latest trick is pulling up on things - including our side table, the coffee table, Daddy's speakers, my legs. She can't pull up to standing yet but I'm sure that's coming in the next couple of weeks! We did have to get rid of our coffee table upstairs and replaced it with softer cube ottomans. We had one too many bonked heads! In the teeth department, Addie is taking a much slower pace than Austin. She still only has one tooth and I haven't see any new ones popping up. In true girl fashion, this girl is a talker! She likes to babble - a lot. I have no clue what she's trying to say yet but I'm sure it's something super smart! :)

I am still so amazed at how perfect our kids are. I'm sure all parents think this but with ours, it's really true. ;) Austin and Addison are so much fun and are so interactive and we're really enjoying this phase. But as always, I wish they would slow down the growing up just a little! My sweet little newborns have transformed into little people!


College Gameday

Finally, our favorite time is here - football season!! We were excited for the twins to experience their first football season so we headed over to the Burrows' house for Texas Tech vs. SMU. I've always loved college footbal but now I have extra reasons to love it - two little munchkins that let me dress them up!

Addie playing with Cade:

We tried taking a picture of the 3 football fans together. Not really so interested....but at least we tried!!

SMU lost to Tech by a touchdown but it was still a great start to the best time of the year!!


6 Month Checkup

Today we took the twins to see Dr. G for their 6 month appointment. He was so impressed with them developmentally that he jokingly asked if it was their 9 month appointment. :) Austin and Addie have been given the Dr. G seal of approval!

Austin was very curious about the shots he would be receiving today:

The A-Team waiting on Dr. G:

Austin weighed in at 15 lbs 12 oz and he's 25.5 inches long. Austin is in the 25th percentile as far as weight. His head - 50th percentile! That kid has a big noggin to hold all those brains! Dr. G was very impressed with the amount of teeth he has already (he's up to 2 with 3, 4 and 5 poking through)! Austin showed Dr. G how he likes to do pushups and yoga - show off!

Addie weighed in at 12 lbs 10 oz and she's 24 inches long. It concerned me a little that it seems like she hasn't gained nearly as much weight as I thought since her last appointment. Dr. G assured me that she's just pint-sized and that she's probably burning a lot more calories since she's a crawling maniac. Addie didn't display her crawling skills this appointment but when Dr. G held up the light to look in her eyes, she flashed her charming smile. Is that a sign that I might take too many pictures and that girl is way too used to the camera flash?

All in all, he said that they look like a couple of happy babies and to keep up the great work!