Saying Goodbye

This past weekend, we headed down to Round Rock to spend one last weekend with my brother and his family before they follow God's calling to be missionaries in Africa. It was a fun weekend but sad to say goodbye. Corey, Sommer, Liam and Norah will be gone for 3 years minimum. We'll be able to chat by Skype and email but it just won't be the same! For now it seems like they have just gone on vacation. I'm sure once Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, it will start to sink in that they are gone. But, we are proud of them and are definitely praying for them!

We also took the twins to see Grandma Mary. She's definitely good at making Austin laugh!

The twins also met Aunt Karen and Uncle Bobby:

Goodbye Corey, Sommer, Liam and Norah. We'll miss you and can't wait to hear about your adventures!!