The Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The day started off well. John was going to watch the kiddos while I ran some errands and did some shopping. A three word text from John completely changed my plans for the day. "Come home. Austin." As any mom would do, I instantly go into high alert and turn my car towards home. I am 100% positive that everyone in Frisco that day decided to drive 20 miles under the speed limit. I called John to find out what was going on.

John went to wake Austin up from his nap around 11:00. He found Austin unresponsive with foam in his mouth and a swollen tongue. John tried opening Austin's eyes but they just rolled back. He tried tapping his cheeks to see if he could wake him up. And when all that failed, John called 911. The reason he sent me a text was because he was still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher. I can't even imagine what he must have been going through. I do know that it's a blessing that he was home instead of me. Based on how hard I was crying just from John telling me Austin had a seizure, I'm not very confident I would have been able to speak coherant sentences to the dispatcher.

On what seemed like the longest drive home, a million thoughts were racing through my mind. What happened to Austin? What if John wouldn't have gone in there when he did? Was Austin in any pain? Why is everyone working against me in my quest to get home? What if this happens again? Will I ever put Austin down once I get home and have him in my arms? Is Addie ok?

I love the community that we live in and the fact that there is a fire station right down the road. John said that the paramedics/firemen were there in less than 5 minutes. 5 men showed up to take care of our precious boy. One of the firemen found Addie in the gameroom and entertained her. Pretty sure she is going to take after her mama in the love of firemen. Within 20 minutes or so, Austin was awake, responsive and mostly back to normal. He was extremely weak and tired but ok. Sometime during his nap, Austin had a seizure. As of right now, we don't know what caused it or why it happened.

I arrived home as the ambulance and fire truck were pulling away. On their recommendation, we took Austin to the ER at Children's Medical Center. 4 hours later, we still had no answers to our questions as to why it happened. The doctor said that sometimes kids just have a blip in their brainwaves that will cause a seizure without any outside factors. 75% of children who have a seizure will never have one again. I just hate that it happened to our perfect, beautiful son. I am so thankful that John went to check on him when he did.

Needless to say, this past weekend was mentally and emotionally draining. I am fighting the urge to check on Austin every 2 minutes while he sleeps. Anytime I think about his seizure and how terrifying it was, it brings on more tears. We have an EEG on Thursday morning that will hopefully bring us peace of mind.

Today Austin is back to being my crazy, adventurous, laughing boy. You would never know that anything happened to him. Addie thought the weekend with the firemen and the ER was a really fun outing.

I pray that everything turns out ok on his EEG. I pray that he is healthy and that nothing is wrong with his brain. I pray that everything is fine because this worry and fear is exhausting. Please say a prayer for Austin and his test on Thursday. I'll update when we know more.

In the lobby at the ER...

Chilling in the hospital bed...

Addie and Daddy