Separation Anxiety is Setting In....

No...the twins aren't having separation anxiety. It's me. In 4 days, John and I are leaving on an airplane, sans A-Team. John is running a marathon in Healdsburg, California and we're going with a fun group. But when I think about having to leave my babies, full-on panic mode sets in. My parents are coming to stay with the twins and I'm confident in their ability to take care of them and spoil them rotten - so that is not what makes me nervous. I'm nervous because I miss them when I am gone shopping for 2 hours!! Nervous that I'm not going to be able to survive 5 days! I mean seriously, how can I not be attached to these sweet, perfect little faces?

OK - there may have been a few too many examples of their cuteness. It's my shameless way of showing off my kids! 

I know this trip will be fun and a vacation is much needed. I am looking forward to it. Just hoping I don't miss my little munchkins too much!

PS - After reading this, John told me that he may be feeling the separation anxiety too. So check back for a full report and whether or not we survive leaving them next week! :)