We're 8 Months Old!!

Since Mommy and Daddy are on vacation, we decided to write our own blog posting for our 8 month birthdays! At 8 months, we are everywhere and into everything!! It's so fun to explore, especially things that we aren't supposed to touch. Mommy and Daddy think they have this place kind of babyproofed - we'll show them!!

We made it pretty hard to take pictures with our sock monkeys. We just don't have time to sit still that long. Now when Mommy takes pictures, this is about all she captures...

We like to eat a lot! At 8 months, we've tried a lot of fruits and veggies and recently tried turkey. We eat solid foods twice a day, along with various cereals. We have recently discovered Cheerios - man, why have Mommy and Daddy been holding out on us. We love those things!

As far as sleeping, we still make sure to sleep really well at night. Mommy and Daddy read to us and say our prayers around 7:00 - 7:15 each night. We like to jump into dreamland and usually stay asleep until 7:00. Sometimes we get up a little earlier and chat with each other. We like to plan out our attack of the day before Mommy and Daddy come to get us (which judging by the smiles on their faces, they absolutely love coming to get us in the mornings)! We still take 3 naps a day, even though the first two are a little short. We just want to make sure we don't miss anything that's going on!

We have both gotten so good at crawling. Mommy likes to have races with us. We can both sit really well but don't usually do that for very long - we're too busy!! We like to pull up on couches, ottomans, walls, pant legs, even Jackson (though we're pretty sure he doesn't like it so much). We've tried out this whole thing called cruising and don't quite get it yet. We're not sure how to make our legs follow when our arms move along the couch. I'm sure we'll unlock the secret soon.

Whatever we're doing, we love to do it together. Even though we have a big room to play in, we'd much rather play with the exact same toy in the exact same spot. Maybe it's because we were smooshed together for 9 months. All we know is that it's much more fun playing or attempting to get into trouble together!!

 Trying to crack the code of Daddy's amplifier.

Hey there - Austin here! Let me tell you what I've been up to for the past month. As far as eating goes, I still eat between 6-8 ounces per meal. I've kind of learned how to drink out of my sippy cup but I've found it's much more fun to bang against the table!! Mommy says I'm super strong. I like to pull up on everything and can crawl so fast!! I have even stood by myself for a couple of seconds - pretty proud about that!

My nickname is the Drool Machine. I can produce more spit than anyone on this continent! I have 7 teeth and I'm working on number 8. I do ok when I'm teething but sometimes I still like to be held when it hurts. I just recently learned how to babble. I'm still a little unsure that it's me that's making those noises but I'm getting louder. Someday I'll be as loud as Addie!!

My absolute favorite thing to do in the world is laugh. I laugh all the time!! I like to laugh at Daddy's funny faces, I like to laugh when I get tickled (which I am VERY ticklish) and I like to laugh at anything Addie does. Mommy and Daddy tell me that my laughing is the most beautiful sound - I think they are just silly!

Boys love electronics!!

I love my mommy!!

Move over Austin - it's my turn. Hello there - it's me, Addison - the pint-sized member of the A-Team. Even though I'm tiny, I eat almost as much as my brother. I eat between 6-7 ounces per feeding and LOVE anything I can feed myself. I've tried my sippy cup but I'd much rather drink out of Daddy's big yellow glass. I am willing to try anything to eat. Mommy hopes that I continue to like everything! I only have 2 teeth so far but I'm pretty sure I'll be getting my top ones soon. I've been pretty drooly and I like to chew on everything.

Mommy and Daddy call me their little daredevil. I do everything with reckless abandon. Thank goodness they are around to catch me when I try to crawl or jump off of things. I don't really pay attention to how far of a drop it is. I like to crawl everywhere and can pull up on everything. Recently I've discovered that Austin is really good to use to pull up - he's pretty strong. I like to talk a lot - I feel like I have a lot of important things to say! I say na-na, da-da, ba-ba and most recently ma-ma. I think that last one makes Mommy really happy! I have also decided to add laughing to my smiles. It's sound funny but I like to giggle!

Playing with Daddy....

Thinking deep thoughts

Getting into trouble

We know that Mommy and Daddy miss us while they are gone. But we know how much they love us and we know that we are the center of their universe! :)