New Family Traditions

I am pausing to write this while decorating our 2010 Christmas tree.

Kristin brought a special tradition to our family. Every year we buy a few ornaments that represent special memories from the past year. We put them all on together and take a quick moment to remember what they represent.

This year marks the birth of the A Team and they received their fair share of memorable ornaments... But the ornament below stirred me the most this year. It was found in a GeoCache at Daingerfield State Park in 2008.

I love you Kristin and the family we have built together. We are truly blessed by God.

And Introducing....Noble the 4th!

Now that we have the Thanksgiving holidays behind us, it's time for my favorite time of the year - Christmas!! This year we had two extra "helpers" for decorating the house.

Austin played DJ and made sure that we had the appropriate music to get into the Christmas spirit...

Addie very carefully checked all of the lights to make sure that they still work.

Snack break! Putting up lights is pretty hard work!

Supervising Daddy while he puts up lights. Or deciding to go eat some grass - I'm not sure which.

The dining room...

And here's Noble the 4th! He's not quite as tall or as full as his predecessor Noble the 3rd but he's perfect to be the twins' first Christmas tree. Now it's just time to wrap up some presents and stick them under the tree!

After a hard day of putting up lights and decorating the tree, Austin was ready to chow down.

Addie was pretty excited about dinner time too.


Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for. We are blessed with the amazing A-Team, each other, our families and a God that continues to work in our lives daily. We are so fortunate and I'm glad that we have this holiday to remind us to take a moment and give thanks for all of the great things in our lives.

We headed to Round Rock for the twins' first Thanksgiving. Lucky for them they are old enough to enjoy the yumminess of real food instead of just bottles. We attempted to take some cute pictures of the two of them. Unfortunately for us, leaves, grass and sticks are so much more exciting than sitting still and smiling for the camera. But I did capture a couple of good ones!

Austin hanging on the rock...

Pumpkins are so fun to play with...

Addie after eating some grass...

Addie chewing on some leaves...

Austin's outfit wouldn't be complete without his nonstop drool...

OK - at least one is smiling!

Addie and her crazy hair hanging out with Grandpa...

Austin playing with Daddy during his pre-Thanksgiving feast nap...

Visiting their Great-grandma Mary...

And the amazing, delicious, wonderful Thanksgiving feast!!

The super -awesome chefs...

Looking at last Thanksgiving's blog post, I remembered one of the things I was thankful for - turkey legs. I may not be pregnant this year but I am still thankful for them - so yummy!!!

The great dishwashers...no pot or pan is safe!

Austin watching the football game. He was very sad that his Cowboys lost. :( But at least his Ags pulled it out later that night!

Going on a walk to the park...

Austin loving his first time on the swing!

Addie loved it too - especially when Daddy pushed her really high!

I am so very thankful for all of God's blessings this year. Hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving!!


Let the Giving Thanks Begin

The Rosies arrived in Round Rock today. I am excited to spend the next few days with Kristin's parents, Kristin, The A-Team, Jackson, Stellar, and Mr Turkey!

The drive down was brutal, but the A-Team rocked it as usual.

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9 Month Check Up

Austin and Addie had their 9 month check up today. Dr. G was impressed by their many talents! He said that they are developing well, even if they are a little small.

Austin weighed in at 17 lbs, 2 ounces (10th percentile). He is 27.3 inches long (30th percentile). His head, following in West tradition is in the 75th percentile! Has to be big to hold all of those brains!

Addie is 14 lbs, 7 ounces (3rd percentile). She is 25 inches (3rd percentile). Addie's head is in the 25th percentile. She has recently started to exhibit some stranger danger. Unfortunately, this means that she was crying while Dr. G was examining her. However, as soon as he moved on to Austin, she was all smiles again!

Dr. G said that they are small but are advanced for their age. As long as they are eating well, he said that he wasn’t concerned about their weight.

The next time we go back to see him, the twins will be 1 year old!


We're 9 Months Old!

9 months old – where has the time gone? If there is one word to describe the A-Team, it is busy (they couldn't even sit still for a sock monkey picture)!! They are busy crawling, busy putting everything into their mouths to chew, busy cruising and busy laughing. These two are all over the place! It will never cease to amaze me how Austin and Addie have become little adults. One of their latest tricks is cruising. I’m pretty sure they may run the edge of our couches bare just walking back and forth, back and forth.

Austin chasing Addie down the tunnel....

Staring out the window...

Rocking her first pigtail...

As far as eating, Austin and Addie still eat 5 bottles a day, anywhere from 6-9 ounces. They eat solids 3 times a day and these are some of their favorite times. My little independent children love to feed themselves and love anything that they can “accidentally” drop to give to our dogs. Jackson and Stellar like this whole self-feeding thing too! The A-Team has tried most fruits and vegetables and they have recently tried turkey, ham, cheese, beans, tortillas and pasta. The only thing so far that they pretty much refuse to eat is broccoli. I don’t blame them. Not really one of my fave veggies either. It cracks me up in how different their eating styles are. Addie is forever the dainty princess that picks up one piece of food at a time and examines each bite before eating. Austin prefers the shovel method. He’s quite capable of using his pinchers but prefers to shove handfuls of food in at a time. I guess boys will be boys!

Naptime is in a state of flux. They are moving from 3 naps a day down to 2 (although most days it’s still 3). That may make working from home a little trickier but we can manage. At night, we still put them down at 7ish and they get up at 7. The recent time change has kind of thrown them off and they woke my poor parents up at 5:00 am (sorry Mom and Dad)!

The A-Team loves bath time. They could sit and splash around for hours if we let them.

Austin – there is no question at all that he is 100% boy! If there are things to bang together, Austin will find them. If there is a mess to make, Austin will make it. If there is a couch/bed/table to jump from, Austin will try it (luckily John and I have developed cat-like reflexes to stop Austin when he tries to defy gravity). It amazes me how much Austin smiles and laughs. His new favorite game is to take whatever toy Addie is playing with. She is usually not a willing participant in this game. Anytime he can jump on her or pull or hair or chew on her, he does it and this causes non-stop laughs for him. He has started standing on his own for about 10-15 seconds at a time and can balance pretty well. If we hold let him hold his fingers, he’ll take steps. I’m sure walking is right around the corner! Austin will babble sometimes but most of the time he yells. I think he’s just showing us how loud he can be. He’s got 8 teeth and I swear another one has to be coming in. I know that I said that last month but I swear it’s true this time!

Austin standing...

Addie is quite chatty. She says mama, dada, gaga and baba. She uses mama and dada a lot and almost always to the right person. Addie likes to wave, although she can be a little shy showing anyone but John and I this latest trick. She seems to do it as people are already leaving or have already turned around. I did catch her waving to the wall and saying “bye bye dada.” So…she’s still learning. Addie is a speed demon in the crawling department and likes to cruise along the couch. She may be pint-sized but she is strong! One of our new weekend activities is Dance Party Rosenbaum style. Addie LOVES to dance. She bounces with the music and even shakes her hips a little. Pretty adorable! It’s those moments when Addie and Austin are jamming and John and I are mimicking bad wedding dancers that I am reminded how blessed I am to have this amazing family. As Addie has gotten older, she’s shifting back into a snuggler. When she takes a break from crawling and pulling up, she comes over to my lap and tries to crawl up. Addie is content to snuggle for about 2 minutes – I’ll take what I can get! Addie has 2 teeth still but her top two are breaking through. I am sure she’s ready to have more so she can launch a counterattack whenever Austin bites her.

This past month the twins have changed SO much. Every day they have some new skill or trick to show off. At some point you think I’d get used to how quickly they are growing – but I haven’t. I'll just keep savoring these precious moments!


Responsibilities Part II

Made it home in time to feed and play with the A Team and spend some quality time with my wonderful wife. God has blessed me! Love my family!

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Dear A-Team,

I just want to write you a quick apology. I am sorry about spending so little time with you these past few months. The responsibility of work and burden of a long commute is taking a toll. I love you both and will make up for it!

Love, Dad

Dear Kristin,

Thank you for taking on the extra burden at home while still being a work from home Mom. Your strength and love is amazing. THANK YOU!

Your Husband

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Quick Austin Update

Our pediatrician reviewed Austin's EEG and said that it looks normal to him. However, he still wants us to go see a neurologist. So, we're headed to Texas Child Neurology on December 9th.

We're still hoping that this seizure was just a fluke, freak occurance that will never ever happen again and will hopefully have that confirmed on December 9th!!


Austin - the Cutest Little Patient Ever

Today we headed back to Children's Medical Center for Austin's EEG. Overall, he was a fabulous patient! The nurse was surprised that he was laughing even after she strapped him down in the papoose (a nice thing to call it even though it's really just a baby straightjacket). Austin did cry when she drew marks on his head and when she was attaching the electrodes. Because we had to wake him up early and "deprive him of sleep," Austin was ready for a little catnap during the test. We have to wait a couple of days for the neurologist to read the results and send them over to our doctor. God is trying to teach me patience!

Austin in the papoose:

Addie wanted to help draw on her brother's head!  

Mommy and Austin. He looks cute with his little turban on! 

Austin after they flashed strobe lights at him. I think he was a little shocked!

Addie hanging out in the "family retreat" center. She LOVED the big picture windows.