9 Month Check Up

Austin and Addie had their 9 month check up today. Dr. G was impressed by their many talents! He said that they are developing well, even if they are a little small.

Austin weighed in at 17 lbs, 2 ounces (10th percentile). He is 27.3 inches long (30th percentile). His head, following in West tradition is in the 75th percentile! Has to be big to hold all of those brains!

Addie is 14 lbs, 7 ounces (3rd percentile). She is 25 inches (3rd percentile). Addie's head is in the 25th percentile. She has recently started to exhibit some stranger danger. Unfortunately, this means that she was crying while Dr. G was examining her. However, as soon as he moved on to Austin, she was all smiles again!

Dr. G said that they are small but are advanced for their age. As long as they are eating well, he said that he wasn’t concerned about their weight.

The next time we go back to see him, the twins will be 1 year old!