And Introducing....Noble the 4th!

Now that we have the Thanksgiving holidays behind us, it's time for my favorite time of the year - Christmas!! This year we had two extra "helpers" for decorating the house.

Austin played DJ and made sure that we had the appropriate music to get into the Christmas spirit...

Addie very carefully checked all of the lights to make sure that they still work.

Snack break! Putting up lights is pretty hard work!

Supervising Daddy while he puts up lights. Or deciding to go eat some grass - I'm not sure which.

The dining room...

And here's Noble the 4th! He's not quite as tall or as full as his predecessor Noble the 3rd but he's perfect to be the twins' first Christmas tree. Now it's just time to wrap up some presents and stick them under the tree!

After a hard day of putting up lights and decorating the tree, Austin was ready to chow down.

Addie was pretty excited about dinner time too.