Austin - the Cutest Little Patient Ever

Today we headed back to Children's Medical Center for Austin's EEG. Overall, he was a fabulous patient! The nurse was surprised that he was laughing even after she strapped him down in the papoose (a nice thing to call it even though it's really just a baby straightjacket). Austin did cry when she drew marks on his head and when she was attaching the electrodes. Because we had to wake him up early and "deprive him of sleep," Austin was ready for a little catnap during the test. We have to wait a couple of days for the neurologist to read the results and send them over to our doctor. God is trying to teach me patience!

Austin in the papoose:

Addie wanted to help draw on her brother's head!  

Mommy and Austin. He looks cute with his little turban on! 

Austin after they flashed strobe lights at him. I think he was a little shocked!

Addie hanging out in the "family retreat" center. She LOVED the big picture windows.