Hello There 2011!

I've never been sad when a year comes to an end. I usually look forward to the New Year and celebrating all that it holds! But this year I'm a little more emotional to say good-bye to 2010. 2010 was the amazing year when our sweet A-Team arrived into the world. This past year, I've watched A-Team milestones like first smiles, first teeth, first steps and yes, first massive diaper blowouts. This past year I've been more sleep deprived than I've ever been before but also more blessed than ever before. I've seen God's continued work in our lives. So yes, 2010 has been an incredible year. One of the best!! 2011 - you've got some pretty big shoes to fill but I know that we've got so much more to look forward to!

The A-Team didn't quite make it to midnight but they did have fun celebrating the Irish New Year (at 6:00).

And because I was feeling a little sappy, I did take a picture of their last meal of 2010.

Happy New Year!!!