Pre-Party with the Glynn Boys

This weekend was a prime example of how much I need an assistant - or maybe just a new brain. Saturday I was so excited to take the twins to Fort Worth to help celebrate Jack and Gavin's 1st birthday! The presents were wrapped, the kids were dressed and we were set for a little road trip. As we pulled up to the Glynn's house, I was thinking there weren't very many cars. But that didn't stop us - maybe everyone had parked out back. Ummm....no. As I got out of the car, I realized that Saturday was the 11th. The birthday party was on the 12th. I win the Biggest Moron award for the day!

However, the Glynns welcomed us into their home for a little pre-party with Jack and Gavin.

Hanging out with all sorts of new toys!

Jack chilling...

Gavin wondering why we showed up so early for his party...

Alison and I wanted to take a picture of the 4 kids since we have one from July 4th. The kids weren't quite as interested in playing photo shoot.

Here's one from July to show how much everyone has changed....

Happy birthday Jack and Gavin! It's been a lot of fun watching you grow this past year!