Rosenbaum Christmas Extravaganza 2010

It's that time again...time for all of the Rosenbaums to get together and celebrate Christmas! This year Cousin Barbs opened her home, catered some amazing Mexican food and was definitely the hostess with the mostest! Here is a pic before we left:

Austin and Addie are the youngest cousins by a couple of years but Randi and Ryan were still good about playing with them and trying to keep them entertained! Ryan shared his Slinky while taking a chip break:

Randi did a great job taking care of her baby cousin (technically 1st cousin once removed if you are like John and actually care about that detail).

Cousin Barbs had a big surprise for all of the kids that night. She had asked Santa to make a special trip and stop by to celebrate with the Rosenbaums! All of the kids (and most of the adults too) were so excited to see him!!

Santa had each child sit on his knee and tell them what they want for Christmas. He also gave them some pre-Christmas presents and told them how great they had been this year.

However...there were some children that haven't been so good this year and received lumps of coal. Try harder next year Daddy Jack and Uncle Steve!!

Even Grandmother Mary got to sit on Santa's lap. I'm pretty sure I overheard her asking for Santa's number. That might put her on Mrs. Claus' naughty list! :)

So here's one picture of Austin not crying with Santa. Too bad he still looks terrified! I would love to say that I have a picture of Addison not crying with Santa. But that would just be a lie.

Let me preface this next picture by saying that it is WAAAAAY past the twins' bedtime. I'm so sorry my sweet Austin and Addie that I kept you up too late just to be terrorized by Jolly St. Nick. But I love this picture and it will definitely capture your first Santa Claus experience!!

Every time I look at this picture I can't help but laugh. My children are typically good natured until you make them stay awake and subject them to a stranger with a beard (side note: growing facial hair is not a Rosenbaum men strong suit so they aren't used to men with beards).

Austin and Addie got some great presents (thanks everyone!) and got to experience the first of many Rosenbaum Christmas Extravaganzas!