A-Team's First Christmas

As a parent celebrating her children’s very first Christmas morning, I had some high expectations. I imagined that Austin and Addie would wake us up early with wonder in their eyes (because they know Santa has come to visit), eat sticky buns (a West tradition since 1986!) and proceed to open their stockings and presents. I could see pieces of wrapping paper flying with squeals of delight as they discovered the treasures inside. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we have 10 month olds, not 10 year olds. The twins woke up around 7:45 (which in their terms is not early), ate sticky buns and then pretty much went back to bed (thanks to a sugar crash). We had to wait until much later to open their presents and even then, they were a little more interested in eating the wrapping paper than actually playing with the toys inside.

The sticky buns went a little crazy in the oven this year but still tasted like a gift from God....

Austin partaking in another West tradition - the non-stop watching of A Christmas Story - my favorite movie!

Let the present unwrapping (or paper eating) begin!

Addison's thinking about how to tear the paper without dropping what's already in her hand.

Austin started to kind of understand how to tear the paper.

We went to visit my grandma in the nursing home and got to listen to some carolers. One of them was even kind enough to share his jingle bells with Addison. She prefered making noise with her keys.

We've found the perfect sign to keep around Austin and his non-stop drool.

Hanging out with their Great-Grandma Mary...

Our attempt at a family picture - looks like John is the only one that got the memo to look at the camera.

After opening presents, it was time for a Christmas feast! Addie loved everything that we put in front of her.

Austin learned a game that my mom taught me when I was little called Looky Looky. Others also know this game as See Food.

After their afternoon nap, Addie decided to go cruising with her Stride to Ride Dino. This toy is definitely a fan favorite!

Austin played with Scout - his new dog.

While in Round Rock, I got to go see my friend JaNae and her sweet baby Lilly Grace. Lilly got lots of fun toys for Christmas - all of which Austin and Addie wanted to play with! Lilly was the only one nice enough to smile for the camera.

I had to include these spaghetti pictures. Austin and Addie had a blast chowing down!

Austin and Addie had a great Christmas holiday and had so much fun spending time with friends and family!