We're 10 Months Old!

10 months - officially into the double digits. Wow!! I have requested multiple times that Austin and Addison would slow down on the growing up so quickly. They clearly have ignored me! Austin and Addie are quickly developing and busy exploring the world. I was lucky enough to get them to stop for 2 seconds to take the sock monkey picture. Austin and Addie are both crawling, standing, cruising and attempting to walk. The ladies that watch them at church think they are just weeks away from walking on their own. I'm excited for them but scared that they are going to split up and I'll have to devise a way to clone myself! Austin is usually the first to find trouble (aka - the non-babyproofed stuff) and his sister is always quick to follow. Those two keep us on our toes but also provide an amazing amount of entertainment! Addie is really good at sharing her toys and Austin is really good at taking those toys away. Ah - a match made in heaven.

As far as eating, Austin and Addie still down 4 bottles a day, 6-9 ounces each time. They eat 3 solid food meals a day and those times are definitely a lot of fun for them. Especially when they eat something smooshy that can make a mess! The A-Team eats just about whatever we put in front of them. Some of their recent faves are egg yolks with onions and cheese, French toast and cottage cheese. They have also had their first Happy Meal and split chicken nuggets. I know they liked it but I'm pretty sure that they liked the toy more!

As far as sleeping, Austin and Addie still sleep from about 7:30 to 7:00. Well, Austin likes to get up at 6:30 but he just chats and hangs out until his sister wakes up. Sometimes they wake up early together and chat about the weather or the latest in politics. I wish that we could install a video camera in their nursery to capture these precious moments. During the day, they still take 3 naps most of the time. Other times it's only 2.

Austin and Addie are pretty social babies and like to meet new people. Recently they have developed a little bit of the stranger danger and like to make sure that mommy or daddy are close by. Austin sometimes gets a little overwhelmed when there are lots of people around but that's usually Addie's cue to turn up the cuteness. She's a little social butterfly.

Austin...you are a crazy man! It's amazing to see how much of a "boy" you are! If there is something to get into or bang together, you are there at the center of it all. You babble sometimes but generally like to laugh and yell just to see how loud you really get. One of my favorite (yet probably not so polite) things that you have picked up is that you laugh whenever anyone burps. It's one of the things that makes me love you so much.

According to the scale at your latest doctor's appointment, you weigh about 18.5 pounds. You're still little compared to other kids your age but you are growing! You're getting taller every day and can reach the things on the top shelf of the entertainment center. Nothing is safe anymore! You still like to stand on your own and you've attempted one step. You crashed at the end of it and have decided that crawling is faster. Speaking of crawling, you have adopted more of a bear crawl. I think it's because you are preparing to just stand up and take off running!

Tooth update - you are still only an 8-toothed child. With the obscene amount of drool that you produce, I figured that a molar would surely make it's appearance. We'll just keep the bibs as part of your daily outfits!

I love your laughter and smiles. They melt my heart. You are so easygoing and easy to entertain - unless you are sleepy. Then it's a different story! You still let me snuggle with you while we say your prayers each night. I cherish these moments my sweet boy!

Austin dressed up as leisure suit Santa. :)

Addison - my little pint-sized princess - I love to watch you explore. You take in everything around you and find joy in the littlest things. If we give you a remote, you can stay entertained for hours! Well - you can stay entertained until your brother comes to try to take it away. You're really fast at crawling - probably because you spend 75% of your day trying to keep your toys away from your brother!

One of your newer pasttimes is dancing. Anytime music comes on or if we sing, you instantly start shaking that booty. Judging by the way you dance, you have picked up your skills from your parents. For that Addison, I apologize. I hope that someone teaches you how to dance well someday! :) One of the other things that you've started doing is "reading" books and magazines. Instead of instantly putting the book into your mouth, you actually hold it like you are reading. It's precious.

There is no doubt that you are 100% girl. You babble and chat a lot. You still have dada, mama and bye bye down and have perfected your wave. In fact, you wave a lot, to anyone and everyone that will pay attention to you. It's adorable. You have the ability to charm a room with those big blues. You especially have the power to charm Mommy and Daddy (we are definitely in trouble!!) 

Finally!!! Tooth number 3 poked out today. It's been holding out for awhile but finally made it's appearance on top! You handle new teeth with minor fussiness. Really you just want to chomp on my finger while I get to snuggle with you. I'll take a little pain on the finger to be able to cuddle! It looks like tooth number 4 is working it's way out as well.

Addie playing with Mr. Moose

I love these two kiddos. They are my world! I look forward to what the next month brings!!