CLI Frisco

I would like to take a moment to do two things...

1. Apologize to the kids and the parents of the Grayhawk Frisco neighborhood for my recent Tweet and Facebook post

Who would do such a thing?! Crazy kids!! http://yfrog.com/h03hmakj

Facebook Picture

2. Thank Stacy Francis and John Wesloski for keeping me honest!!!

I performed a little CLI (Christmas Light Investigation) on my wires that I thought were cut by some neighborhood kids. Result: I was wrong. The wires were gnawed, not cut. After briefly being mad at the Squirrels and Rabbits of Frisco, I found that I couldn't stay angry with those furry little guys. :)

First photo is side by side. Wire on the left is the one from the yard. Wire on the right is the one from my CLI cut using a 2001 Craftsman Red Handled Wire Cutter.

The Second photo is the two sets of wires. Top is from the yard. Bottom is from my “lab.”

I saw a rabbit in my yard this morning... He is a suspect!!! I got his photo

Just wanted to share!!!

Photo 1 -

Photo 2 -