God's Power To Make New... to Heal

I got up a few minutes ago... I thought surely it was 7 or 8 because it was so bright outside... I opened the door and it was so bright outside because of the snow that covered everything.

My first thought... It looks like it is brand new outside. All of the ice that had gnarled and cracked was nowhere to be seen. All I could see was the pure and clean snow. Light, fluffy. When I walked outside I no longer was confronted by the painful slippery hard ice. Everything was new and fresh and all I could think about was playing in the snow. All I could remember were fun childhood memories.

Its like God made everything right. Made everything innocent. Made everything clean. Reminded me that with Him, everything was untouched. That Landon was in a place that was clean, pure, innocent. Having a snowball fight in Branson. I love you Landon.

~ John