Silly Sickness

The sickness bug has descended upon the Rosie clan - well - the youngest Rosies. Last night before bed, Austin had a little bit of a temperature so I gave him some Tylenol. When he woke up this morning, he was burning up! Definitely not feeling good. Because he was sick (aka SUPER snuggly), John stayed home with the twins this morning while I went to meeting. By the time I got back, my little princess had a fever too. Poor babies. If the fevers continue tomorrow, it's off to Dr. G we go!

Sweet little Addie - not her active self but still hanging on her chair.

My dear sweet Austin...he curled up into his tent out in living room. He plays in the tent but he NEVER sleeps in it - this is a true sign he is not feeling well!

Hopefully our little Rosies wake up tomorrow feeling brand new!