We're 1 Year Old!!!!

Wow - it's official. This has been the fastest year of my life. I can't believe that one year ago, I met my twins for the first time...and had my heart stolen like never before. It has been so much fun watching them grow from little snuggly babies to crazy, running toddlers!! Which also means that it's next to impossible to capture them sitting still, at the same time with their sock monkeys. We had to bribe them with a pair of Addie's shoes to get them to stay in one place.

Words to describe the twins - on the go!! We have babyproofed the upstair so the A-Team has free reign. And they like to run into the gameroom, out to the top of the stairs, back into the gameroom and down the hall. I love it when they play chase. Typically this means that Addie has something Austin wants and she plays keep away. But it's still entertaining for me to watch!

Another rare shot together. This was achieved by John dancing around like a maniac behind me!

As far as eating, the A-Team still eats 3 meals a day, plus 2 snacks. I am so proud to announce that our house is a bottle free zone. Woo hoo!! Yay for sippy cups! We're starting to see the first signs of picky eaters. We're on day 4 of eating primarily blueberries and pineapple with a couple of cheerios mixed it. Our kids have an amazing ability to pick around anything else we put on their trays and just pick out the fruits. I'm assuming that they will go back to eating normally soon! Since they are a year old, we'll start introducing peanut butter and egg whites. I'm sure they will love it!

My favorite time with the twins is still when we go in to wake them up. I LOVE those sleepy smiles and how they reach out to us for 2 whole seconds of snuggle time before they are off for the day. A time that is a close second is when John gets home. When John opens the garage door, the twins race over to the top of the stairs. They bounce up and down excitedly until they see John come around the corner. It is absolutely meltworthy.

Austin and Addie take 2 naps a day for about a total of 3 hours. So far they are still pretty good nappers, although they do wake each other up now. Hoping that I won't have to separate them into different rooms! They go to bed between 6:45 and 7:00 and wake up between 6:30 and 7:00.

A little water after waking up...Addie clearly hasn't woken up yet.

Cruising on the dino..

Austin...what you are up to....

You are still my sweet, smiley little man! You find joy in everything - even the simplest things! I love when you grab something and take off running with it like you are holding the best prize in the world. You are pretty laid back most of the time - unless you are tired. Then you know how to wail with the best of them! You like to give hugs and "kisses." Actually, your kisses are you just slobbering on our cheeks but we'll take it!  You like to laugh and do it often. It is still on of the sweetest sounds in the world!! As far as words, you still say dada, mama, dog and some version of ball.

You are still hanging tight with 8 teeth. There are swollen parts on your gums but no molars yet. I am confident that if there was a drooling sport in the Olympics, you would take the gold no problem!

You are getting tall and have mastered the art of climbing into your toy box. Something I think it's so cute but hopefully you aren't practicing your great escape from the crib!

What a handsome man!

Hanging in your chair...

Playing with your blocks...

Climbing onto the table...

You are learning how to share - which is so sweet. Well, until you throw all of your cheerios on the ground for the dogs to eat (they do appreciate your generosity though).

Addie...what you are up to...

Addie you are my princess! You are such a smiler and love to show off all those new pearly whites!! You are up to 7 teeth now with number 8 almost through. You've caught up with your brother! You are still a tiny little peanut but you are strong. You like to run everywhere and like to crawl up the stairs - and you are pretty quick about it!

You like to babble and have a secret language with your brother. I love it when you wake up from a nap and chat with him. You like to say dada, mama (when you are crying), dog and hi-ya, which is your version of hi. Recently you have started blowing kisses. Well, you are really good at making the sound and putting your hand to your mouth but you haven't figured out how to blow that kiss away yet. You are either extremely social and a charmer or you prefer to stay in my arms around strangers. Sometimes it can take you a little while to warm up but once you do, I dare someone to resist your big blues!!

Playing with the vacuum cleaner...

I know your hair is messed and you are gnawing on a tube of Desitin but you are so stinkin' beautiful!

Lounging in your chair...

My beautiful girl...

I love these big eyes and your perfect pout!

Austin and Addison, this past year has been incredible. I have loved every milestone, every discovery you have made, every snuggle, every moment. You are the best children and we are so blessed to call you ours. I cannot wait to see what this next year holds for the Rosenbaum clan - I just hope it doesn't fly by as fast as 2010 did!!