Working It for the Camera

To celebrate the twins' birthday, we took them to have pictures made. Of course I might be biased, but I had to post these pictures. I'm pretty sure that we have the cutest kids in the world! :)

We did finally have to tell Austin to put his phone away so we could take some pictures.

I love that they look like little adults!

We're 1!

I am in love with this girl!

My dapper little man...

Playing with her pearls...

Getting ready to say something important!

Now on to a fun part of the shoot - getting messy with cake!!

Sharing their cake!

Addie isn't sure about it being on her foot...

This cake is yummy Mom!

I think Austin may have gotten more cake on his face than in his mouth...


Austin eyeballing Addie's cake...

And one of my faves!