What a Difference a Day Makes!


In Texas, the weather changes quickly and often, especially in the spring. This past weekend was no exception! On Saturday, Austin and Addie were in bathing suits. On Sunday, they were back in long sleeves and heavy coats. But cold weather didn't stop these two from playing outside!

Little Chompers

Teeth brushing is a favorite activity in the Rosie household. That is, if Austin and Addie get to hold their own toothbrushes! They don't quite get the whole brushing back and forth thing, but they definitely like to chew on the toothbrushes!

Here's Addie - "brushing" her teeth. She's up to 8 teeth and definitely likes to use them. If you get your finger near her mouth, watch out. She bites.

Austin likes to laugh while brushing his teeth. He really just likes to laugh while doing anything! Austin has 8 teeth already in, 1 molar partially in and 3 more molars that are getting ready to break through! Other than a couple of nights of waking up several times (but quickly going back to sleep), this kid is handling the molars like a champ! Granted he's still a drool machine but I'll take slobber over him being in pain any day of the week!


Loving the Sunshine!

The weather has been gorgeous the past couple of days with lots of sunshine and temps in the 80s. So you know what that means - time to bring out the swimming pool! And when I say bring it out, I really mean run to Target to buy a new one. Because heaven forbid the twins have to use the pool we bought from last year. Actually, I just found this one that had a slide and a waterfall and I thought it was a must-have!

Addie loading up on water before heading outside. Please take a moment and notice how beautiful/precious/adorable my princess looks in her tutu swimsuit!

Austin in his shirt and board shorts - he's not quite as interested in posing as Addie was.

I know I'm biased but seriously....she's beautiful!

Racing to see who can get out the pool first! Pretty sure Austin is going to win - Addie is still in modeling mode.

The A-Team chatted for about 5 minutes to figure out how to make it into the pool. They tried lifting the legs over and falling in - unfortunately they are still a little vertically challenged and needed Daddy's help.

Austin focusing on his big dismount from the slide!

Addie decided instead of sliding, she would much rather plunge forward.

Her plunge ended in the Epic Faceplant of 2011. Glad John was right there to pick her back up! She was laughing and ready to slide again!

We thank God for these perfect, lazy Saturdays where we can just hang out with our family and enjoy time together. These moments make parenthood so worth it!


Meeting R&Q

Austin and Addie attended their very first sip and see to meet some fabulous twins, Ryan and Quinn. R&Q are about 4 months younger than the A-Team and belong to dear friends, Matt and Meagan. While I envisioned Austin and Addie running over to Ryan and Quinn and showering them with love, they were more interested in heading outside to play with the dogs. Addie only really stopped to look at Ryan when I was getting in some great snuggle time with him (Ryan is the best snuggle bunny in the world!!) Oh well. At least we did get a cute pic of the parents and the twins!

I was amazed how many other sets of twins were at this party. It's amazing! Austin was particularly drawn to an older set of twins - they were 6. I really think he just likes to chase older kids around!

Meagan and I talk quite a bit on Facebook and I've heard so much about them so it was awesome to finally meet these special twins in person! And it was great to see Matt and Meagan. Last time we met for dinner, both sets of twins were still baking! The Rosies are looking forward to the next time we get to see the Clanahans!


Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous St. Patty's Day! Sláinte!!

Wearing their green so they don't get pinched!


Austin the Fierce

Austin is a man that likes his food. He prefers to revert to caveman days and attack his food with a vengeance. However, prior to eating, Austin likes to put on some warpaint, using his cottage cheese of course!! We're trying to teach him that he doesn't necessarily need to smear everything on his face - it's cool to eat without warpaint on. The lesson obviously hasn't been learned yet!


Playing at the Park

This past weekend, we were in Round Rock to spend time with friends and family. The twins got to experience a first - a train ride through the park! Of course I don't have any pictures from the train because I was holding on to Austin, his water bottle, my water bottle and camera - so the hands were a little full. But we did play around at the park afterward and I made sure to snap some pics!!

Austin running around with his ball...

Addie running out so Austin can throw her the ball (not really but that's how I imagine it)...

Addie sharing some super important girl talk with her BFF, Lilly...

My sweet little girl....

Austin bonding with his future wife over some graham crackers...

And this pic isn't from the park but it cracks me up. My parents have had Laurel and Hardy pretty much since I was born. Austin and Addie just weren't sure what to think about these men that are their size!


Just Because

No point of this post other than to share some pics of the two cutest kids in the world!!

I mean seriously - I want to just crawl into the crib and snuggle up to him!!

Addie is finally letting me put bows and a little ponytail into her hair. And isn't she just precious??? (This is also giving me ideas for Halloween - Pebbles and Bam Bam maybe)?


First Day of Daycare

Because the twins are sooooooo active during the day, I have found it harder and harder to put in good hours with work. So we have started them at an at-home daycare, 2 times a week. Here's a pic before heading out to Laura's the first day.

Laura said that they did really well with minimal tears. I'm sure I shed more than they did! It's so weird being at home for a full 8 hours without having to stop and play or feed the A-Team. Not something I am loving but it's necessary. Plus they had a lot of fun! Addie is fascinated with Laura's 11 year old son who #1 plays guitar (and lets her strum the strings) and #2 just got braces (which Addie had no problems trying to grab them off his teeth)! Austin found a little girl to cozy up to - I think he's starting off early as a lady's man!

As much as it sucks to let someone else take care of my babies, it's really good for them. Austin and Addie are learning to socialize with other kids which is great!! Now if I could just stop missing them....


Giddy Up!

Austin and Addie got an adorable rocking horse from our friends. They love this thing!!!

Addie taking a turn (while Austin is trying to hop on behind her)

Austin preparing for a not so graceful dismount

The rocking horse is so much fun, even John couldn't resist a turn. :)