First Day of Daycare

Because the twins are sooooooo active during the day, I have found it harder and harder to put in good hours with work. So we have started them at an at-home daycare, 2 times a week. Here's a pic before heading out to Laura's the first day.

Laura said that they did really well with minimal tears. I'm sure I shed more than they did! It's so weird being at home for a full 8 hours without having to stop and play or feed the A-Team. Not something I am loving but it's necessary. Plus they had a lot of fun! Addie is fascinated with Laura's 11 year old son who #1 plays guitar (and lets her strum the strings) and #2 just got braces (which Addie had no problems trying to grab them off his teeth)! Austin found a little girl to cozy up to - I think he's starting off early as a lady's man!

As much as it sucks to let someone else take care of my babies, it's really good for them. Austin and Addie are learning to socialize with other kids which is great!! Now if I could just stop missing them....