Little Chompers

Teeth brushing is a favorite activity in the Rosie household. That is, if Austin and Addie get to hold their own toothbrushes! They don't quite get the whole brushing back and forth thing, but they definitely like to chew on the toothbrushes!

Here's Addie - "brushing" her teeth. She's up to 8 teeth and definitely likes to use them. If you get your finger near her mouth, watch out. She bites.

Austin likes to laugh while brushing his teeth. He really just likes to laugh while doing anything! Austin has 8 teeth already in, 1 molar partially in and 3 more molars that are getting ready to break through! Other than a couple of nights of waking up several times (but quickly going back to sleep), this kid is handling the molars like a champ! Granted he's still a drool machine but I'll take slobber over him being in pain any day of the week!